A Poet's Tribute To The Whirlwind

November 12, 2022
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Poet John Mole pays tribute to legend Jimmy White, who plays in the Cazoo UK Championship at 7pm tonight.


With a mischievous grin he

Declares ‘I am Jimmy

And still very much in the game.’

Fit, smart and trim he

Takes aim for the gimme,

The safe pot that rhymes with his name.


When troubles begin he

Goes out on a limb. He

Risks the most challenging shot.

If the margins are slim he

Thinks hard how to win. He

Insists ‘A defeatist I’m not!’


So here’s to you, Jimmy.

You’re maxi not mini,

A legend, a rocker, a star.

Shake, rattle and shimmy,

Find your Yang and your Yinny

Then show what a Maestro you are.

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