A Snooker Cue Case, Hard Or Soft?

February 17, 2020
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The cue case is a vital piece of equipment for anyone who plays cue sports. The case will protect the cue from getting damaged when you are carrying it around to those snooker venues. If you have a one piece cue, you have a problem in that it is a bit long to carry and will not easily fit in the back of the car, so for that kind of cue it is probably best to get a lockable single piece cue case and leave it at the snooker hall.

Most cues these days are two piece with either a 50/50 split or a so called ¾ split where the split in the cue is ¾ of the way down the shaft with a smaller butt end. This means of course you need a larger case for the ¾ split cues. Typically a 50/50 split cue needs a case of 30 inches or so and a ¾ case needs to be 46 inches. Also there are the extensions to consider, do you have a smart extender or a full 24 inch extender? If so you will need a larger or wider case, so take that into account when purchasing a snooker cue case.

There are basically two types of snooker cue case, soft and attaché or hard cases. The cheapest alternative is of course the soft cue case, great for protection from spillages and dirt but not much good at preventing knocks or the cue getting bent etc. Much the better solution is to get a hard case made from wood or better yet aluminium. The wooden and metal case gives better protection to the cue and looks the business as well. All the pros have hard cases so that says it all really.

Snooker cue cases come in all different colours and designs theses days, from the traditional black case with the manufacturers monogram on it , (which looks the best in my opinion) to flashy colours and flag designs, wood and leather effects, the list is endless. So you are bound to find something to suit your tastes.

Prices vary depending on the case, and whether it is made from real leather or leather effect cloth, and whether it is a soft fabric type case or a hard wood or metal case. The prices start from £10 for a cheap soft case to £50 or more for the "full metal jacket" cue case. Whichever you choose depending on your pocket, make sure you get one for your cue to protect it, snooker cue cases are definitely worth the investment.

EzineArticle by Steve Mcrea

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