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January 16, 2022
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John Mole

Poet and snooker supporter John Mole looks ahead to today’s Cazoo Masters final…


The Masters 2022

In these times of grim restrictions,
Alarming facts and doubtful fictions,
When life seems like a poisoned chalice
Thanks be to Alexandra Palace
Where snooker rules and brings delight
Day by day and night after night
Until The Final arrives on spec
With its hoped-for trophy and winner’s cheque.

So let’s greet the players with this song
That welcomes them back where they belong
Offering up this heartfelt praise
For our sixteen monarchs of the baize
Who once more hear our live applause
While they dodge the unforgiving jaws,
Manipulate the stun, the swerve,
As frame by frame they hold their nerve
In a tense display of hit and miss,
Of the kick back and the double kiss,
Of the perfect angle on the blue
And the steady aiming of a cue
That breaks up the reds and makes more stable
A configuration on the table
With an opportunity’s appearance
To pave the way for total clearance.

This is The Masters back in style,
The greatest tournament by a mile.
Just hear the partisan audience cheer
Behind their masks, thrilled to be here
Once more with media support
From the BBC and Eurosport.

Now as the final match begins
Snooker’s the winner whoever wins.

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