"Bad b*****d" Jimmy White used to sneak out of hotel during World Championship

August 22, 2021
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Jimmy White has described his younger self as a "bad b******", describing how he used to escape his hotel during the World Championships to go and party.

White reached six finals at the Crucible though never lifted the world crown amid a drink and drugs battle during his career.

And White told the Anything Goes with James English podcast about how he used to escape his hotel to enjoy big nights out.

Asked about whether anyone tried to help Jimmy, who during the mid to late 1980s was going out very often, White disclosed that people did tell him that he had the snooker world at his feet if he took it more seriously, but he rarely listened.

White also offered his thoughts on whether he thought the fast lifestyle affected his success on the tables.

The 59-year-old said: "Yeah, many people [tried to help], good people, family and friends who loved me.

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Jimmy White has revealed that he used to sneak out of his hotel during the snooker World Championships
Jimmy White has revealed that he used to sneak out of his hotel during the snooker World Championships

"But I was a bad b******.

"During the World Championships, because we were in Sheffield for two weeks, I'd go to my room, and then I'd sneak out the hotel going down the fire escape.

"Then all of a sudden I'm in a nightclub drinking, and there are people there over the other side who thought they had just put me to bed.

"I'm not moaning, because I had a f****** great time, but if I'd have done it properly I'd have won plenty more."

White, who is nicknamed 'The Whirlwind', continues to play snooker professionally, competing on the seniors tour where he has won three world titles.

English professional snooker player Jimmy White pictured in action during competition in the 1989 World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England in April 1989.
Jimmy White has spoken openly about his drug taking during his early career

He won two of snookers three majors in his younger career, the Masters and the UK Championship, however was unable to claim the most prestigious prize of them all, the World Championship, despite reaching the final six times.

The closest he came to such glory was against Stephen Hendry in 1994, where he lost the final in a deciding last frame.

The snooker legend, who was born in Tooting, has confessed to having suffered from an addiction to crack during the 1980s.

White has said that the addiction was triggered by a particularly heartbreaking defeat to Steve Davis in the 1984 World Championship final.

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