Best And Worst Of 2020

December 29, 2020
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We asked players to name their best and worst moments of 2020, and to look ahead to 2021…

Jordan Brown

My best moment has to be qualifying for the Crucible for the first time. To come through three tough qualifying matches and achieve a lifetime ambition of getting to play in that theatre, that was a very proud moment for me. Although there was no crowd at the Crucible I enjoyed being out there. Playing one of the all-time greats in Mark Selby was special too. I took a lot from the experience.

My worst moment has to be losing to Jamie Jones in the UK Championship. I felt like my game was in good shape and fancied a decent run as I gained a lot of confidence in a 6-5 win over an in-form Martin Gould in the previous round. I was 3-1 up in that match and things didn’t go my way after the interval, but Jamie showed why he’s such a class player and has done very well since he’s been back on tour.

My ambition for 2021 is to keep making my way up the rankings and hope to get a decent run in some events. I would love to qualify for the Crucible again as I’ve had a taste of what it was like and I felt great out there. I feel comfortable on the tour now and feel like I’m a match for anyone.

Mark Davis

Best moment – I’m just grateful having so many events to play in for the first half of the season. I thought this season could be a write off so every credit to WST and Matchroom and everyone behind the scenes for all the hard work they have done to get the events on, and running as smoothly as possible.

Worst moment – I’ve had some poor performances this season, but I don’t get too down about them, I just try to learn and move on. The worst was losing my cue and having to pull out of the European Masters, that was a terrible feeling.

Ambition for 2021- I just want to try to enjoy it a bit more which I’ve not really done the last few seasons. I’m going to work hard in practice and try to get back up the rankings.

Louis Heathcote

My best moment was winning Rookie of the Year it was a huge goal of mine at the start of the season and you only ever get one chance at winning it so it was a proud moment to achieve that.

Worst moment – where do I start! Probably losing 4-3 to Judd Trump on television in the English Open, from 3-1 up.

My main ambition is to stay on tour but I really want to start showing the world what I’m capable of and consistently go deeper in tournaments. Once I do it once it will be the monkey off my back.

Jamie Clarke

The best and most emotional moment for me was qualifying for the Crucible as it was a lifetime ambition achieved, and on top of that I had to do it to stay on the tour.

My worst moment of the year on the table was losing to Kurt Maflin in the second round of the UK Championship as a win may have got me into the World Grand Prix. Off the table, the first lockdown was tough, not being able to leave the house and see my family. And my fiancé was at work a lot as she is a key worker in health and safety care.

My ambition for 2021 is to go deep into tournaments, get into the top 64 and stay healthy.

Peter Devlin

Best moment of 2020 has to be turning pro at Q School. That was the best feeling of my life! It was the most intense happiness and joy and relief, all bottled up into one short moment.  A close second was making a century in the decider to beat Mark Williams 5-4 on the TV table at the European Masters. I was very proud of that and it gave me belief for the future.

My worst moments were in my amateur days, I had plenty of bad matches in pro-ams that made me feel pretty rubbish. And of course Covid has caused some of the worst moments. I’m disappointed that I’m not getting the experience of travelling to amazing venues and playing in front of crowds. However it’s amazing that we still have the opportunities to play at all. I’m grateful for that, and hopefully my second year will give me those opportunities.

My ambitions for 2021 are to climb a fair way up the rankings and get to the later stages of tournaments because the attention and money is at the deep end. I’m really looking forward to 2021 doing the best I can. If it’s good enough then brilliant. If it isn’t, then I’ll keep battling. Either that or go back to rapping!

Steven Hallworth

My best moment? It’s a difficult question as it has been a terrible year in terms of Covid restrictions, but on the table it has probably been my best year yet. Regaining my tour card at Q School in August was an incredible week for me, filled with many emotions. I was anxious for a few years to get back on tour. Winning my final match to qualify against Alfie Burden was a really proud moment for me.

One of the most frustrating and upsetting moments has to be the pubs being shut at Christmas! Who would have thought 12 months ago we wouldn’t be able to have a Christmas pint with friends and families?

My ambition on the table for 2021 is to just continue to dedicate and conduct myself in the way I have been this year. I’m trying to focus on constantly improving, rather than the pressure of the results. So I just try to keep pushing for a higher standard which will in turn create more opportunities and success for me.

David Grace

Beating Ding Junhui in the UK Championship was my best moment. The worst time was the first lockdown when we couldn’t play. My ambition is to keep working hard and improving my game.

Jamie Jones

My best moment was getting to the semi-finals of Scottish Open, and then my worst was losing that match 6-1 against Mark Selby. My ambition is to enjoy every match as much as possible and reach my full potential.

Elliot Slessor

It has been a disappointing year for me, beating Shaun Murphy in the UK Championship was probably the highlight. Then the worst moment was playing with a sponge on the end of my cue in the next round against Lu Ning. I physically couldn’t play a shot. My main hope for 2021 is that all the tournaments come back on to the calendar so I have half a chance of getting into the top 32.

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