BEST SHOTS - 2017 UK Championship

December 11, 2017
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Shot Of The Tournament | Contenders | UK Snooker Championship 2017.

Following are the contenders for the best shot of UK Snooker Championship 2017.

Shot A: SELBY vs Donaldson (Round 2)
Shot B: CAO vs Higgins (Round 2)
Shot C: O'SULLIVAN vs Georgiou (Round 2)
Shot D: MURPHY vs Robertson (Round 3)
Shot E: AKANI vs O'Sullivan (Round 4)
Shot F: O'SULLIVAN vs Gould (Quarter-Final)
Shot G: O'SULLIVAN vs Gould (Quarter-Final)
Shot H: MURPHY vs King (Quarter-Final)
Shot I: MURPHY vs King (Quarter-Final)
Shot J: O'SULLIVAN vs Maguire (Semi-Final)
Shot K: O'SULLIVAN vs Maguire (Semi-Final)

Let us know in the comments which one you think is the best shot of the championship.


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5 years ago

SHOT A. This was nice idea, perfect performance and it looked very beautiful.

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