Coke-addicted snooker legend Jimmy White went bankrupt after gambling cost him £3m

August 25, 2021
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Snooker legend Jimmy White says he went bankrupt by losing at least £3million on gambling in his heyday.

The 59-year-old also told of his boozing, including a two-week champagne bender.

He said: “I gambled at least three million quid, so if I gambled three million quid I probably had to earn six or seven million to get that.

“That’s retirement money, so I should be more sick with that but because at the time it was going so f***ing quick you don’t think, do you? I went bankrupt through gambling.”

White, who also got hooked on alcohol and cocaine, told the Anything Goes podcast about his wildest party.

Jimmy White
Jimmy White has lifted the lid on his gambling habit

Jimmy, nicknamed The Whirlwind, said: “I went to Ireland and I played Alex Higgins. I was in the Gresham hotel and this geezer who was the promoter said, ‘There’s a suite there, you can stay there as long as you like’.

“He said, ‘I’ll send you up 12 bottles of champagne every day’. We thought, ‘Well, that’s weird’. Me and Higgins got the suite, he goes off to Northern Ireland, I stay in Dublin.

“I had Thin Lizzy and UB40, they were in a studio round the corner and they were in my suite every night drinking these 12 bottles of champagne and that went on for 16 days.”

(From left to right) Kate Moss, Ronnie Wood, Leah Wood and Jimmy White at a party in 2001

Jimmy also had a well-documented addiction to cocaine, but found a way of beating snooker’s drug testing regime.

The ace, who lost his six World Champ-ionship finals and went bankrupt in 1997, added: “I always made sure I was a week clean before I played. I never played stoned.

“I was always careful that I never took cocaine while I was playing because I think it took four or five days to get out of your
system and we used to get urine tested.”

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