Furious Stephen Maguire brands snooker table “s**** ski slope” after Scottish Open loss

December 10, 2021
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A furious Stephen Maguire branded the table “a ski slope” after losing his Scottish Open quarter-final to practice partner Anthony McGill.

The 30-year-old McGill survived a fightback from his Glasgow mate to reach the semi-finals in the tournament’s temporary home of Llandudno with a 5-3 win.

But despite a best-ever run in his ‘home’ event world No15 McGill was almost as angry as his pal Maguire about the playing conditions.

Maguire, who also risks disciplinary action for turning the air blue in his post-match press conference, said: “It was just absolute sh*te from start to finish, even if that costs me £250.

“Ants was just as bad, he won’t mind me saying. I didn’t enjoy it from start to finish. His century at the beginning was the only good frame.

Stephen Maguire was less than impressed with the table

“The game is hard enough when the table is level, but when you’re playing on a ski slope it’s impossible. Maybe Ronnie could do it, but we’re not as good as him.

“It was impossible and I lost my rag after the first few frames, lost trust in the table. But listen I played very badly as well.”

McGill said: “It was tough, the tables are so bad and make us both look like fools sometimes. It is not gripping, it is drifting, it is pinging and it leave you not knowing what to do.

“I don’t think the tables were that great at the UK Championship, but they have been really poor here. It isn’t one thing wrong – but so many things, and it makes it so difficult.

“You can hardly take it seriously as a match. So I will try to win it, but I won’t get my knickers in a twist if I don’t.

“It’s like playing darts with a gale blowing across the oche. You would get someone like Phil Taylor throwing perfectly for the treble 20 and it hits the seven or something.

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Stephen Maguire was furious after the defeat

“There was one that went in-off that I didn’t think would be anywhere near the green pocket.

“Me and Stephen are the two unluckiest players in the world, anyway – that’s what we say to each other in the club all the time.

“But I don’t find it too difficult to play your best mates, we have done it enough over the years.”

A WST spokesperson said: “We take feedback from all players into account when assessing table conditions. Alongside our partners, we strive to provide the perfect playing environment.

“We are always subject to changes in atmospheric conditions in different locations. The table will be recovered before the semi-finals and our fitters will perform a review once this has been completed.”

McGill rattled in a break of 113 to get on the board – and in frame two some of the bad luck that was to dog Maguire in the next three frames began to kick in.

Stephen Maguire failed to make the Scottish Open semi-finals

After McGill had gone in-off on frame-ball red Maguire then did exactly the same off the final red when looking to clear up to fall 2-0 down.

Frame three was another tough one for Maguire to swallow. After potting what looked like a frame-ball blue he snookered himself on the final red.

And with the frustration at boiling point Maguire served up two fouls including one on the black, as McGill stole the frame to make it 3-0.

Maguire then hit the black by mistake before blowing a good chance to hit back and it soon became 4-0 at the interval with seemingly no way back.

But things went from the ridiculous to the sublime for Maguire after the break as his form improved, the luck turned and McGill started to look nervy.

A superb break of 81 could have been a 147 but for one bad shot on the 11th black, and spectacular flukes on the final yellow and green balls helped close the gap to 4-2. But McGill held his nerve at the end.

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