How Can Hypnosis Help You Play Snooker Like Ronnie O'Sullivan?

February 19, 2020
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Snooker is a game of concentration and skill however the challenge that most players have is acquiring good habits. One of the best players of the game, Ronnie O'Sullivan, modelled his technique after Steve Davis who is a 6 time World Champion. If you are to improve your game, it's best to model your style after a champion player. How can you do this effectively? Hypnosis is excellent for reprogramming the mind and changing bad subconscious habits. Hypnosis has helped people to lose weight and to quit smoking. Ellen Degeneres quit smoking after seeing Paul McKenna the hypnotist and she hasn't had a cigarette in over 3 years since.

For Snooker, Hypnosis can help you to remove any flaws in your unconscious bad habits like lifting your head after the shot or not pausing at the end of the backswing. Once a bad habit is removed, it can be replaced with a good habit that supports much better play. If you are thinking of improving your game and have been stuck at the same level of play for a long time, there is most likely a subconscious belief that is holding you back or a weakness in your basic technique. Hypnosis can help a player with both of those challenges and do it quite quickly. Once the subconscious mind has a new habit grooved into your game, the improvements will come shortly thereafter.

An example of how hypnosis can help a player with a subconscious block in their game is with break building. For instance, a player may continually makes breaks in the 30's or 40's and then miss an easy pot shortly thereafter. What is usually occurring is that the player realizes they are on a sizeable break and then they begin to get nervous. As a player gets nervous, the muscles tighten and the breath shortens. Tension prevents big breaks and makes the game harder to player. With hypnosis a player can imagine themselves making a 40 break and then feeling very relaxed, as if they have just come to the table. Once the mind has the belief that the more balls are made, the easier and more relaxing the game is, the sooner this player will achieve a new high break.

Cliff Thorburn used this mind method when he was a new player. He frequently had a tough time making breaks over 50. Then he vividly imagined himself knocking in bigger breaks. After that he knocked in a few centuries a week and eventually became the World Champion. There are other huge benefits to programming the subconscious mind to improve your game, hypnosis is just one and it alone can add several points to your game.

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