Invader interrupted Ronnie O'Sullivan's break & she took shot

April 14, 2022
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Ronnie O'Sullivan once had a century break interrupted by a female invader who took his shot for him.

The snooker world number one probably thought he had seen it all in his decorated career until the 2017 English Open. He was on for one of his trademark tons when the lady emerged from the crowd and forced him to stop in his tracks.

Security urged her to "stay there", but she wasn't having any of. "I'm just running around the pitch," was her response, before she told O'Sullivan: "Keep going Ronnie." And after letting out a smile, he did just that.

The pink was potted while the middle-aged woman reiterated "I'm just running" as she jogged around the table. Just as it looked like she would be escorted out of the arena, the situation became even stranger.

O'Sullivan offered up his cue to give her a chance to secure the win against Zhang Yong. She replied: "Do I get money if it goes in?".

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The woman ran around the table
The woman ran around the table in a strange fashion

With a net worth of $14million (£10.73m) according to CelebrityNetWorth, the 46-year-old had little to worry about. But to the surprise of no one, the woman wasn't able to pot the black anyway.

Despite having two attempts she failed to see off the game with the bizarre moment coming to a conclusion. She thanked O'Sullivan for the opportunity and was duly carted away.

"I really wanted her to pot it," O'Sullivan told Eurosport after the match. "I didn’t know what to do at first and she just said ‘I’m just having a jog, I’m just going for a jog'.

“And I was like ‘Go on then, carry on then, there’s your jog, have a shot as well while you’re at it'. I thought when the [security] guys came out they were going to rugby tackle her, but I thought, ‘If you do that, you might kill her.’ I saved her from getting a rugby tackle."

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