Judd Tump's US Open pool run comes to an end after being tonked 11-1 then losing thriller

September 16, 2021
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Judd Trump vows he will give pool another try – despite seeing his bid for US Open glory come to grief in agonising fashion on Thursday.

The Juddernaut lost a thriller 11-10 to South African ace Jason Theron at the Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.

Snooker’s current No2 and former world champion Trump was walking a tightrope having already lost 11-1 to Scotland’s Jayson Shaw – the UK No1 - in the ‘double elimination’ event.

And this second defeat for the 32-year-old – having led 10-9 before seeing Theron snatch the crucial last two racks – was a bitter blow for the pool rookie.

Judd Trump is out of the US Open
Judd Trump is out of the US Open

Despite this being Trump’s debut at nine-ball Theron breathed a huge sigh of relief after potting the winning ball knowing he had been pushed to the limit.

Earlier in the event Trump won three matches against lesser opponents – but against strong pool players his errors and lack of experience were ruthlessly punished.

Trump took advantage of a gap in the snooker calendar to take part – and will be back in snooker action next month at the Northern Ireland Open in Belfast.

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Trump was eliminated after suffering two defeats
Trump was eliminated after suffering two defeats

But the player likely to be back at No1 in the next few weeks looks certain to take advantage of an invite for the new UK Open nine-ball event next year at the Copper Box Arena.

He said: “I think I will do it again, as a sport it is on the up. I like travelling to America anyway, and it is good to play a sport in another country.

“I had a lot more support from fans than I was expecting, and there were enough positives to make me do it again. A week’s practice and I’d still be in the tournament.

Trump won three matches at the US Open
Trump won three matches at the US Open

“I honestly think I was at about five per cent of the level I could reach so that gives you hope, and it was nice to play Jayson Shaw, one of the real top pool players.

“You see the level in a match like that, and he could go close to winning it. But other top players who have won events recently went out in the same round I did.

“It is very cut-throat. People think snooker best-of-five and best-of-seven frame matches are cut-throat, but this is a different level.

“This was a bit of a last-minute thing, and they knew I hadn’t had much chance to practice properly and get my head around the game. Next time I’d like to expect to win more.

The snooker star is set to return to the old green baize at the Northern Ireland Open in October
The snooker star is set to return to the old green baize at the Northern Ireland Open in October

“And I think the thing that has been made clear to me is that I would definitely want to put some serious hours in another time.

“But I liked it enough to do that, and it is certainly something I’d like to delve into again in the future. I might try and play a few top players in practice.

“There is a lot to it on the safety side, usually in snooker you put a ball near a cushion, but in pool that doesn’t work because you lose the frame every time and you must be more precise.”

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