Mark Williams pots every colour on snooker table without moving his feet on first try

October 11, 2022
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Mark Williams has made a mockery of the latest snooker craze - by completing a hugely difficult challenge on his first attempt.

Talented snooker players have been taking on the tough task of clearing up the colours from their spots, but without moving their feet.

The challenge requires inch-perfect precision to land on the next ball and is only achievable for players in complete control of their snooker game.

And Welsh wizard Williams had the cue ball on a string as he potted yellow to black - not even having to overstretch for the next ball.

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The three-time World Champion is aptly known as the 'Potting Machine' and the clip of his impressive feat has amassed over one million views on his Twitter account.

"First ever take," Williams reiterated after knocking in the black in front of several wowed spectators and practice partner Jackson Page at his local club.

Williams' video caption read: "All been trying it for ages, Willo waltzes up and boshhhh first time not moving your feet."

Meanwhile, Williams admitted that he only showed up at the Hong Kong Masters tournament last week to take home nearly £25,000 in prize money.

Williams was a last-minute replacement in the event for UK Champion Zhao Xintong after the Chinese sensation was forced to pull out following a positive covid test.

The 47-year-old took the 13-hour flight and landed just hours before facing Neil Robertson in the invitational event.

In front of record crowds at the impressive Hong Kong Coliseum, Williams put up a good fight as he was downed 5-3 by the 'Thunder from Down Under'.

But he later admitted that he only accepted the late call from tournament organisers to pick up the cool £22,500 appearance fee.

Mark Williams said he only turned up at the Hong Kong Masters for the playing fee
Mark Williams said he only turned up at the Hong Kong Masters for the playing fee

"I knew I couldn't win today, I'm knackered," Williams said after his defeat. "Anybody who follows me on Twitter knew I couldn't win today.

"All I came for was the £22,500. I'm going to be honest. I've had about two hours sleep in two days.

"I didn't arrive in my hotel room until about 10.45am and I was picked up at 11.45am to come down here to play my match.

"I tried my best and somehow I got three frames off him. It was strange, but if it wasn't for that prize money, I wouldn't have come."


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