Meet The Gamers: Seeds 9-16

April 16, 2020
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These are the Snooker 19 players representing seeds 9-16 in the Virtual Betfred World Championship, which starts on Saturday.

The virtual version of our biggest tournament will run on the original dates (April 18 to May 4), using our official video game Snooker 19. Each of the ‘real’ top 16 will be represented by a gamer, with all matches shown on WST’s YouTube and Facebook channels. For more details click here.

All gamers will be using Playstation 4 on the Master+ setting.

Andy Segers
Representing: Shaun Murphy
Seed: 9
Online ID: ZitaSwoon16
From: Belgium
Age: 43
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break:  30
Fact: Andy is right-handed but plays snooker left-handed.

Dean Wallington
Representing: Ding Junhui
Seed: 10
Online ID: MrDeano
From: England
Age: 49
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147 (four times)
Highest real break: 49
Fact: At the age of 11, Dean had the chance to play Ray Reardon when the six-time World Champion visited a Butlin’s Camp. He bottled it.
Twitter: @MrDeano08

Dylan Edwards
Representing: David Gilbert
Seed: 11
Online ID: WelshBoon
From: Wales
Age: 33
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 32
Fact: Dylan used to play in a Welsh language band who had a number one album in Wales.
Twitter: @WelshBoon

Steve Asling
Representing: Jack Lisowski
Seed: 12
Online ID: nevets68
From: England
Age: 51
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 138
Highest real break: 38
Fact: Steve trained his daughter – then aged 11 – to be ranked number one in England for 50 metre sprinting.
Twitter: @stevenasling1

Stephen Heath
Representing: Stuart Bingham
Seed: 13
Online ID: Rab_2019
From: England
Age: 36
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 32
Fact: Stephen has been a DJ for 15 years.

Mike Chinn
Representing: Stephen Maguire
Seed: 14
Online ID: Chinny1985
From: England
Age: 34
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 111
Fact: Mike once had a frame against Matthew Stevens – but lost having only played two shots.
Twitter: @chinchinny147

James Page-Martin
Representing: Barry Hawkins
Seed: 15
Online ID: JPageMartin36
From: England
Age: 39
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 38
Fact: James was once the subject of a story in his local newspaper because he was growing extremely tall sunflowers.
Twitter: @JPageMartin36

Stephen Nicholls
Representing: Yan Bingtao
Seed: 16
Online ID: Binnyboy72
From: England
Age: 48
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 48
Fact: Stephen was born three months premature and was in an incubator for six months. He now suffers from banana phobia (yes, really).
Twitter: @binnyboy72

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