Ronnie O'Sullivan: It'd be "lovely" to die in a snooker club

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Ronnie O'Sullivan wants to die in a snooker club doing an exhibition.

O'Sullivan, 46, made the odd claim before his record-equalling seventh World Snooker Championship victory against Judd Trump on Monday evening. The Rocket has sometimes had a love-hate relationship with the sport he will forever be associated with, but there can be no doubting his passion for the game after his latest Crucible success.

And in a promo shown in the build-up to the final, which ended 18-13 to the Essex potter, O'Sullivan made clear just how entwined snooker is with his life by revealing how he'd like to die when the time comes.

"I just want to die in a snooker club doing an exhibition," O'Sullivan said. "That's how I'll be happy. Just drop dead - lovely. They can just leave me there," he added.

Thankfully, O'Sullivan has plenty of years left in him yet. And the seven-time champ is already planning to break Hendry's record at the Crucible in 12 months' time.

Asked if he was happy to share the record with Hendry, O'Sullivan replied that the two men could "share it for a year," suggesting that he will be back again next time around.

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O'Sullivan made the admission in a promo video shown during the World Snooker Championship final
O'Sullivan made the admission in a promo video shown during the World Snooker Championship final

"I think it meant more to him [Stephen Hendry] than me to have seven world titles, but we will share it," he told the BBC. "Hendry is an absolute legend of the game. It is just a number – I do not get too caught up in that."

O'Sullivan has threatened to retire more than once during his long career and last year revealed the one thing he really dislikes about the sport.

"Someone said to me, what is it with you and snooker?" O’Sullivan told the Metro. "The only reason I don’t like snooker is because of the lifestyle.

"If I was a golfer, I’d love golf because the lifestyle is great. Beautiful courses, nice hotel, offered great food. It’s like Formula One, tennis…the sport becomes the least important part of the job.

O'Sullivan beat Trump 18-13 in the final
O'Sullivan beat Trump 18-13 in the final

"I could quite happily not play snooker forever, I might miss it a bit but I’ve got a lot of things I can fill my time with. With snooker I just don’t enjoy the lifestyle of a snooker player.

"It’s not snooker I don’t like…it’s qualifiers in Barnsley and places like that. I’d much rather go do a qualifier at Augusta or Wimbledon, but I suppose that’s just the sport we’re in."

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