Ronnie O'Sullivan net worth: How many millions has snooker's most famous icon made?

November 25, 2020
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Few competitors have completely dominated their sport quite like snooker superstar Ronnie O’Sullivan.

A six-time world champion and a record seven-time UK champion, his skill and prowess have made him one of the most formidable forces the game has ever witnessed.

O’Sullivan is still at the top of his game, winning this year's world title, and statistically the most successful snooker player in the history of the game.

Boasting 20 Triple Crown series titles (the most in snooker history), his overall silverware haul stands at an astonishing 37 trophies. Those 37 trophies come with a generous amount of prize money too.

Yet one trophy he is yet to add to his collection is the Northern Ireland Open.

Eluding him his whole career, he again came close in 2020 but lost the final - where he broke wind but cheekily blamed the referee - for the third consecutive time to Judd Trump.

Nevertheless, he still pocketed £30,000 for reaching the final, which adds to his impressive career winnings.

Ronnie O'Sullivan net worth

Ronnie O'Sullivan with a trophy on his head
Ronnie O'Sullivan has an impressive trophy cabinet

Since turning professional in 1992 aged just 16, ‘The Rocket’ has overseen vast changes to the financial landscape of the sport.

Having spent 28 years at the top of the game, O’Sullivan’s net worth stands tall against his rivals.

Having triumphed in the world championship six times already, that feat alone has seen O’Sullivan rake in around £3million. Overall, the Essex born snooker-titan is estimated to be worth around £10.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

With titles and prize money coming hand in hand, O'Sullivan’s pockets have been well-lined throughout his career - accumulating £11.6m, the most of any player in snooker history.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's sponsorship

Throughout his career, O’Sullivan has had a love-hate relationship with his sponsors. During an exhibition match in 2019, he appeared to get visibility frustrated with the Velcro tag advertising his sponsor on his waistcoat, and as a result threw it off mid-match.

Ronnie O'Sullivan ripping off a sponsor logo from his waistcoat
Ronnie O'Sullivan got frustrated with a sponsors patch and ripped it off, just two shots before completing a 147 break

He has also been very vocal on how much time he should be expected to give up for his sponsors, claiming that he finds it hard to juggle the time while also preparing for tournaments.

O’Sullivan’s most memorable sponsorship deal came back in 2010 with hotel chain Premier Inn, he even brandished a cue in the chain’s famous purple colour during the European Masters.

As of 2019, O’Sullivan struck a deal with graphic design company Affinity, who sponsored him for that year’s World Championship event.

What has he bought with his earnings?

O’Sullivan has spent large chunks of his money in curious fashion.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's healthy eating book
Ronnie O'Sullivan's brought out a book that promotes healthy eating, as well as his autobiography

As with any millionaire sports star, he has had his fair share of lavish cars and, as a real ‘petrolhead’, has even appeared on Top Gear.

He once owned an Audi R8 with a personalised number plate that read ‘CUEBOY’, but opted to part ways with the car shortly after buying it, saying he did not like the inevitable attention that came with it.

His Ferrari 458, was eventually sent back for the same reasons.

In 2018, O’Sullivan purchased a luxury 60ft-long canal boat - and twice the width of a traditional narrowboat - on Regent’s Canal, saying he loved the "calmness" of the water,

It came with a fully fitted kitchen, a bedroom with enough space for a king-size double bed, flatscreen TV, fireplace and saloon.

But after failing to spend a single night there due to his hectic schedule, he again opted to sell it a year later with an eye-watering £129,950 price tag.

"It’s nice but I just didn’t use it enough," he said.

"I thought, ‘It’s got to go’. One day, I’ll probably get one again. But the time’s not right."

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