Ronnie O’Sullivan paints nails pink as snooker star supports breast cancer charity

October 12, 2020
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Ronnie O’Sullivan is sporting bright pink nails this evening with the world snooker champion supporting breast cancer charity Future Dreams.

O’Sullivan won his sixth world title over the summer and returns to the table against Brian Ochoiski in the English Open.

But the Rocket is set to have a colourful hand on the table after painting his fingernails pink.

The 44-year-old put in a tweet: “Let’s nail breast cancer @futuredreamss.

“I’ll be getting my pink nails out tonight in support of Breast cancer.

“Please donate £5 if you can text LNBC5 to 70500 who is going to join me?”

Ronnie O'Sullivan has painted his nails pink for a brilliant cause
Ronnie O'Sullivan has painted his nails pink for a brilliant cause

O’Sullivan won the world title with the Crucible being empty, apart from for the final, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And the champion admitted he preferred the lack of people around the venues.

He said: “For this year’s World Championships, there was no visitors, no guests, no one at the stage door, I could get in and out of Sheffield and I’ve never felt so relaxed there in my life.

“It wasn’t snooker, it was the stuff that surrounds certain tournaments. That was the reason I didn’t play in the Masters, because it’s a huge circus there.

Ronnie O'Sullivan returns to the table tonight in the English Open
Ronnie O'Sullivan returns to the table tonight in the English Open

“Doing that was stopping me actually enjoying playing and for me it’s all about the playing side of it. So I decided to not play in any tournament that snooker wasn’t the priority.

“So now, low-key events and the China events, I know the travelling can be quite hard, but once I’m there, my time’s not used up in that way, they allow you to just play snooker. They are the biggest events as well, and I do like China.

“I won’t play a lot of the events where the circus is around, unless I like the town.

“So York [UK Championship], I have to accept the circus there because I really love York and it’s a real good holiday for me. London, the Masters is a no-no for me, if I never played in that again I wouldn’t be disappointed.

“World Championships is a bit like that, unless Covid is still lingering around next year then I’d quite look forward to the peace and quiet in Sheffield that I had this year. I’m a lot happier when I do what I want to do and set my own rules.”

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