Ronnie O'Sullivan responds to calls to retire from snooker

April 16, 2022
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Snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan has brushed aside Hossein Vafaei's claims he should retire from snooker.

The Rocket said: "I can’t start criticising when people say something. Some of the things I’ve said over the years have been… I look back and laugh at them because some of them have been blinders.

"I can’t help but laugh, I look back and think, 'that was a beauty!' You know what I mean? Sometimes you need to say something just to fire yourself up. Hossein has said what he said. Listen, he’s a great player, he’s a good guy and you know…it’ll be a good match if I play him."

Vafaei had claimed that O'Sullivan should walk away from the Crucible to the Metro: "Of course. A lot of things he says frustrates me. What kind of legend are you if you call people numpties?

"I was and am still good friends with him, but I don’t like that. Maybe he likes it and gives him a good feeling, but I think people should treat him like that as well. I treat him like he deserves."

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Hossein Vafaei during five of the Cazoo UK Championship at the York Barbican.
Vafaei is making his debut at the World Championships

O’Sullivan and Vafaei are not on the same side of the draw at the World Snooker Championships, and the pair can only meet in the final. That situation looks unlikely with the Iranian, who is on his debut, facing Judd Trump in the first round.

Vafaei added: "I don’t see any improvement, he’s been 20 years on top of this sport and what has he done for us? This is my biggest question: What has he done for us?

"I am the younger generation, I want to see what he’s done for our sport. Where are the big companies?"

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