Ronnie O'Sullivan & snooker players' obscene gestures caught

April 27, 2022
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Snooker players have proved time and time again that while it may look like a peaceful and harmless sport, it can easily descend into chaos.

From match-fixing to drug abuse, swearing-filled rants to all-out physical attacks, it's fair to say there it's had its fair share of scandals through the years. There's just something about snooker which seems to attract the bad boys.

When the pressure is on and they're around the table, anything can happen. And if a shot doesn't go to plan, frustration can be let out in the rudest of manners, as these six times in history have shown...

Ronnie O'Sullivan - 2022 World Championship

TV viewers then watched as he made the rude gesture as he walked away from the table
O'Sullivan's lewd gesture was spotted

Earlier this month Ronnie O'Sullivan was caught red-handed on live TV making an obscene gesture at the World Championship. The six-time winner was not at all impressed at fluffing his lines on a simple black into the corner.

As he walked around to return to his seat, O'Sullivan appeared to make a w***er sign in the direction of the ball. He's now facing disciplinary action - a situation he's become quite used to in his career.

Ronnie O'Sullivan - 2008 China Open

The 46-year-old first landed himself in hot water back in 2008. He was caught on camera making suggestive gestures and remarks to journalists in a press conference at the China Open.

He could heard saying: "Do you want to suck that? Do you want to come and suck on that later? Anyone want to give me a nosh? Suck my d***." The Rocket was fined £2,750 and docked 700 ranking points as a result.

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Ronnie O'Sullivan - 2010 World Championship

Ronnie O'Sullivan puts his middle finger up at a ball
A miss in the 2010 World Championship had O'Sullivan fuming

You may have noticed a running theme here already. O'Sullivan clearly didn't learn from his incident two years prior because he made another obscene gesture at the 2010 World Championship.

After missing a red shot into the middle pocket, he proceeded to storm off in a huff and put his middle finger up at the ball in question.

Kurt Maflin - 2020 World Championship

Kurt Maflin gave the cue ball the middle finger after his failed 147 attempt
Kurt Maflin gave the cue ball the middle finger after his failed 147 attempt

Finally someone took the spotlight off O'Sullivan in 2020 when Kurt Maflin took inspiration from him and flipped off the cue ball. Maflin was incensed after an unlucky bounce ended his hopes of a maximum break.

He managed to escape with just a warning from match referee Tatiana Woollaston, who told him he would lose the next frame if he repeated the act. Maflin later said he "didn't mean anything by it".

Ronnie O'Sullivan - 2013 World Championship

Referee Michael Tabb speaking to Ronnie O'Sullivan
Referee Michael Tabb had words with The Rocket in 2010

Yep, you guessed it. O'Sullivan is back and with yet another different variation of miming masturbation. You can't say he's not imaginative.

In his 2013 World Championship semi-final with Judd Trump, he placed his cue between his legs and started rubbing it up and down. Despite pleading his innocence, ref Michaela Tabb gave him a talking to.

Ronnie O'Sullivan - 2015 World Championship

Who else to round off this list but him again. Having escaped punishment before, O'Sullivan pushed his luck again with the lewd gesture he whipped out in 2015.

This time around he used his whole cue to mimic an X-rated act in response to a miss of the black. As it was deemed to be self-directed, no action was taken - but his latest naughty remark could come back to bite him still with it having been referred to the WPBSA disciplinary committee.

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