Ronnie O'Sullivan's dad moves in with woman 12 years younger than snooker star son

February 14, 2022
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Ronnie O'Sullivan has long defied his elderly status in the game of snooker, and he's not the only one in the family still able to mix it with the younger generation.

However, his father, Ronnie senior, isn't so much enjoying himself around a table but out on the open road, having moved into a motorhome with a woman 12 years younger than his son.

The 67-year-old has been dating Tiffany Kushner, 34, who founded superfood brand Chaga Life, and in July the pair duly decided they were so bored with current life that it was time to invest in a £94,000 Mercedes vehicle.

Ronnie O Sullivan senior and Tiffany Kushner
Ronnie O Sullivan senior and Tiffany Kushner

And Kushner has now taken to Facebook to post some video clips of the couple's road trips, explaining they had found 'comfortable living' tedious. Indeed, the pair seemed to be enjoying their new venture as they danced away to the Toploader song Dancing in the Moonlight.

Their pet dog has also been taken along for the ride.

She added “It’s the best decision we have ever made, letting go of that myth that owning property and possessions is seen as achieving something.

“All there is to life is to be lived. Our long-term plan is to find a plot of land somewhere and grow our own food.”

There will be many however, angered at seeing O'Sullivan's dad lauding his freedom, after he served 18 years for murder back in 1992 after initially making millions running a string of sex shops in Soho.

What's more fun, snooker or life on the open road? Let us know in the comments section.

O'Sullivan is 12 years older than his dad's girlfriend
O'Sullivan is 12 years older than his dad's girlfriend

He was temporarily allowed to return home in February 2009, before being permanently released the following year.

O'Sullivan junior has talked about the impact of embarking on his professional career without his father, admitting his jail term had a profound effect on his early career.

“He was a big driving force behind me, he kept me on the straight and narrow," he's previously said.

“To not have him there was tough, it was teamwork.

“From 1995-2000 I won a few tournaments but I was never really consistent as much as I should have been. I wasted probably five years of my career, messing about really."

However, the 46-year-old now sits on six world championship titles, just one short of Stephen Hendry's all-time record.

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