Shaun Murphy believes he's only person to ever hit 147, nine-darter and hole in one

February 17, 2022
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Snooker star Shaun Murphy believes he is the only person to complete three of sport’s most difficult tasks - hit a one 147 on the snooker table, throw a nine-darter on a dart board, and land a hole in one on the golf course.

Murphy has announced himself as one of the best on the World Snooker Tour throughout his career, and proudly has a world title to his name after being crowned back in 2005.

Away from the pool table though the 39-year-old is said to be a keen golfer, revealing he currently plays off ‘scratch’ (a handicap of zero), and is also a handy darts player too.

All three of those sports have an overriding top achievement, in a 147, a hole in one and a nine-dart finish, however Murphy is proud to see he has completed them all.

Shaun Murphy has a 147, a nine-darter and a hole in one to his name.
Shaun Murphy has a 147, a nine-darter and a hole in one to his name.

Speaking to golf publication National Club Golfer , the Englishman revealed that he believes he is the only man to achieve all three.

When asked about the hat-trick he said: “That is true and, currently, I think it’s a club of one. I don’t know anyone else who’s done all three.”

He went on to reveal that he usually jokes with ex-darts pro and Sky Sports presenter Wayne Mardle about whether a 147 break or a nine-darter is the hardest feat, before realising he had completed both, along with a hole in one.

Murphy continued: “Wayne Mardel, the former pro darts player, is a good friend of mine and he’s a commentator on Sky now…

What do think is harder to achieve? The 147, a nine-darter or a hole in one? Let us know in the comments section below!

Shaun Murphy playing golf
Shaun Murphy playing golf

“We always have the crack about what’s harder: is it the nine-darter or is it the 147?

“Now, obviously, it’s the 147. Anyone who says nine-darter needs to go and seek a doctor immediately…

“The last time we did it, I think the hole-in-one got thrown in and it was, like, hang on a minute, I’ve done all three.

“I’m not aware of anyone else who’s done all three. People can send their applications in any way they want. There’s lots of room to join the club.”

Whilst golf is of course a part-time hobby for the snooker star, he did reveal he has once competed in qualifying for the Open Championship thanks to his scratch handicap.

He said: “It was just one of my friends who said, ‘You’re off scratch now, you can enter Open qualifying.’ I just didn’t believe it. I went on the website and checked the entry rules…

“I sent my application off, was allowed to enter, and my friend, Robert Murphy, who is no relation but is probably Ireland’s most decorated amateur snooker player, came and caddied for me on the day.

“We had a great day out. Now, we were complete imposters in a world we should never have been in.

“But we were permitted to enter and we did. Of course, It’s called The Open and is open to everyone. I was thrilled to be there, thrilled to take part, and it was a great experience.”

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