Shaun Murphy Calls For Life Bans As Snooker Investigate Match-Fixing

December 14, 2022
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Normally a game where sportsmanship is paramount, snooker has found itself in a very difficult position after probe into potential match-fixing in the sport was launched in recent times.

A number of Chinese players have been suspended from playing while the authorities look into the matter, with World no. 16 Yan Bingtao the most high profile name to be included.

The investigation is related to 'allegations of manipulating the outcome of matches for betting purposes'.

The suspension of 22-year old Bingtao, widely regarded as one of the brightest prospects in the sport, is seen as a particular blow to snooker's image.

Shaun Murphy calls for lifetime bans amid investigation

While no conclusions have been drawn as of yet, Shaun Murphy is calling for the harshest possible punishment for anyone found to be involved in match-fixing.

Speaking to The Sportsman, the former world champion said that the authorities must be harsh on any player's adjudged to have broken those rules.

Players who are found guilty of match-fixing, they should never compete on the professional tour ever again. A complete life ban – from professional and amateur snooker. Their existence in the snooker world should be terminated.

For me, it will be completely black and white. I know the world has gone greyer over the years, we have gone from an old-fashioned black and white view of the world to quite an opaque one, often for the better. But I think cheating is one area where we should be a bit more black and white.

If you are found guilty through the correct processes, if you are given the chance to defend yourself, and found guilty of match-fixing, then in my opinion that should be your involvement in the snooker family finished...

The people who matter the most, the fans, it just leaves that shadow of a doubt when they are watching what is arguably the hardest single-player sport on the planet, such a skilful game.

There is that little doubt when a player misses a pot that they think they should get – things like this sows that seed of doubt among the public.

Did they really miss that? Was that on purpose? It’s heartbreaking for a player whose first love is snooker.

Its reputation around the world, we trade off that gentlemanly image, if these players are found guilty, then in my opinion they have no business being part of the snooker community anymore.

Snooker has had match-fixing issues in the past. English player Seven Lee was given a 12-year ban back in 2013 for his role in manipulating the outcome of games, while John Higgins was handed a six-month suspension after his agent was caught offering an undercover journalist the opportunity to get his client to lose specific frames.

It remains to be seen what bans, if any, will be handed out on this occasion.

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