Shaun Murphy Shares Heartbreaking Story About Dublin Homelessness

December 3, 2022
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English snooker player Shaun Murphy has shared a heartbreaking story from his time in Dublin, which will bring attention to those most vulnerable on the capital city's streets.

The 2005 snooker world champion took to Twitter to recount his story of meeting a woman in need on the streets of Dublin, who he said was "desperate" and "willing to walk the streets asking for help".

Murphy also said that the woman was merely asking for food and supplies to keep her children safe, and that he brought her to a shop and purchased everything she needed.

The story will be all too familiar for Dubliners, but it paints a bleak image of the severity of the housing and cost-of-living crises in Ireland's capital.

Shaun Murphy speaks powerfully on issue of homelessness

One of snooker's finest players of the past few years, Shaun Murphy shared a story on Twitter from a recent visit to Dublin.

Instead of telling tales of visiting the city's landmarks, or taking in the Christmas atmosphere around Dublin, Murphy instead recounted a story of meeting a woman on the street who desperately needed help.

In a gut wrenching message, Murphy said that the woman was looking to take care of her young children, and asked him for help with buying supplies to keep them safe:

I debated whether to share this and decided I would. I was stopped today in Dublin by a Mother with two children with her, (9 and 9 months) begging for help. She didn't ask for money, just food and specifically some Aptamil and nappies for the youngest child. It was completely disarming to meet someone so desperate she was willing to walk the streets asking for help. It's broken me inside.

It's 2022, why are some people in this position? It's just wrong. Governments around the world should be ashamed. I know things are difficult for everyone right now, I just wish there was more that could be done for the people most in need right now. Maybe there is, and l'm just not aware of it, and it that's the case, I apologise.

In the end I did take her to the shops and buy her the things she needed. Normally when you do something good for people you feel better about yourself, if only briefly. I just felt heartbroken as I drove home. I hope she and her children are ok

Kudos to Shaun Murphy for helping out the woman in need, but the story once again paints a grim picture of the current situation in Dublin.

With the Christmas period approaching, temperatures dropping, and a cost-of-living crisis all amplifying an already dire housing crisis in Dublin, the situation is bleak, and one can only hope for action to rectify it, and generosity from those on the capital's streets this festive period.

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