Snooker ace Mark Williams targeted by fraudsters who go on mass spending spree

October 8, 2020
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Snooker star Mark Williams went potty when his cash card was declined.

He was later told fraudsters had emptied his account and gone on a monster spending spree.

And he discovered they’d splashed out on a bizarre array of items, including eight pairs of trainers, a spa day, and a kitchen sink – plus taps.

The three-time world champion was in a Wetherspoon pub when his bank refused to honour his £22.20 payment and he had to be bailed out by a pal.

Williams, 45, said: “Someone was using my acc without my card and bought a pair or trainers for £1200 at the same time.

"Ugly things bright red.’’

The sports star realised they'd splashed out on a bizarre set of items

The illicit haul also included nine pairs of slippers, eight Just Eat takeaway orders and Sainsbury’s shopping.

The cue ace, who has pocketed prize money of more than £6million in his career, added: “I know I got refunded straight away but someone’s paying for it.’’

Many fans sympathised with Williams.

One wrote: "The bank should’ve stopped card for unusual activity when they saw Sainsbury’s IMO! Although 8 just eats in one day probably looked normal!''

Another replied: "Bloody hell, you'd have to be stupid to order a Just Eat and spa day - surely they'd give their address for delivery.

"Someone did it to us with Dominos, and they entered their home address on the account. They didn't even go all out, they only spent about £20 on a pizza.''

It was the latest drama in popular Williams' colourful career.

Following his victory over John Higgins in the 2018 world championship final he famously turned up to the press conference wearing just a towel after an all-night booze bender.

He had last won the world title 15 years previously and was such a long shot beforehand he vowed to strip naked if he lifted the trophy.

Later that year in 2018, his wife Joanne raised eyebrows when she tweeted she would be 'riding' her husband "tonight" during a holiday booze bender at the £1,600-a-night Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai as they celebrated his victory, cheekily adding: "Get that LUBE ready.''

Pals later claimed Williams had sent the message from her account after swiping her phone when she was not looking.

This post appeared first on Daily Star - Snooker.

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