Snooker fan sends Crucible crowd into hysterics

April 27, 2022
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A snooker fan at the World Championship sent the Crucible crowd into hysterical laughter on Tuesday, after he cried out ‘come on I need a wee!’ to Yan Bingtao during his clash with Mark Williams. The pair played the opening session of their quarter-final clash yesterday evening, and are currently locked at eight frames each.

Bingtao and Williams no doubt played out a tense first half of their match, with a lucrative spot in the world semi-finals up for grabs. The tensions seemed highest in the 14th frame, with Williams 7-6 ahead and both players looking to play safe whilst waiting for their opponent to make the mistake.

With the frame time starting to ramp up one fan in the Sheffield crowd was clearly running out of patience, and made a hilarious shout to Bingtao after taking his time over yet another safety shot.

After safely playing the cue ball into a body of reds, the inpatient fan shouted: “Come on Yan I need a wee!” Following the cry a number of those also watching broke into laughter before the Chinese star's opponent joined in.

Agreeing with the spectator and holding his crotch area Williams jokingly added: “So do I!” Again the comment was well received by the Crucible faithful, as the Welshman went on to take his next shot with the crowd still chuckling around him.

Despite taking his time, Bingtao’s patience was well worth it as the 22-year-old went on to hold his nerve and clinch the nervy frame to level things up at 7-7. One frame later the Chinese youngster added another to take a slender lead, before Williams quickly hit back to take the last frame of the session to leave the pair tied at 8-8 heading into today’s second half.

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Bingtao has already secured his best finish at a World Championship by reaching the final eight, however it has been all plain sailing for the youngster.

During his last 16 clash with Mark Selby, the 22-year-old was criticised for breaking an ‘unwritten rule’ after asking for a ball to be cleaned whilst standing over a difficult shot.

Following the controversial move snooker legend Jimmy White criticised Bingtao, telling Eurosport: “Bingtao has looked at this shot for over a minute and he's not sure if he can pot it or not. He keeps getting down to pot it and then he asks Rob Spencer [the referee] whether he can clean the cue ball.

Mark Williams saw the funny side of the fan's comment
Mark Williams saw the funny side of the fan's comment

"Now that is an unwritten rule amongst professional snooker players… It is something you don't do. It might have been Bingtao being under pressure and thinking of anything to win, but you don't do that in snooker."

The Chinese star quickly defended his actions post-match, tweeting: “I chose to let the referee clean the white ball because I was too nervous. I wanted to adjust the atmosphere and try to relax myself.

“I knew the referee would not agree to my request. I was just joking with him to ease the tension. I will try my best to win the next game.”

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