Snooker host trolls Jimmy White after 'can't work under these f***ing conditions' rant

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A snooker host has trolled legend Jimmy White after his explicit rant on Eurosport last week.

Rob Walker, hosting the snooker for BBC Sport, has poked fun at Jimmy White's foul-mouthed clanger on Eurosport during the World Snooker Championship semi-final. 'The Whirlwind' left his producers red in the face as he launched a foul-mouthed rant after the match had just turned 5-5.

The household snooker name did not realise the television audience could hear him while he moaned: “I can’t work under these f****** conditions.” Though it was unclear exactly what the conditions in question that led to the rant were.

Now, Rob Walker, opening the BBC's coverage of the World Seniors Snooker poked fun at the experienced snooker player's blunder. He opened the show pretending to be on the phone, pretending to not know he was live on TV.

When he's told he's all of a sudden live, earlier than he expected, he hit out saying "I can't work in these conditions" before explaining "I'm only joking" and carrying on with the snooker. The clip was shared on Twitter and snooker fans found the nod to the explicit mistake hilarious.

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Jimmy White was caught out on Eurosport
Jimmy White was caught out on Eurosport

Even the World Seniors Snooker Tour embraced the joke, with them quoting the video saying: "Did we get you?? #conditions."

@HardeepAsrani tweeted: "After some boring 30 seconds, that line!" @krishnabirla16 went the extra mile and tagged Jimmy White himself. He tweeted: "@jimmywhite147 How are the conditions mate?"

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