Snooker match interrupted when 'loud sex' noises rang out

April 30, 2022
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People talking, a mobile phone ringing, shuffling in the audience - all are common reasons for a snooker referee to briefly halt play and call for quiet.

However, few can lay claim to walking away from the table for the reason Mark Allen did at the 2018 UK Championship. The Northern Irishman was taking on Basem Eltahhan, and had already racked up 76 points during his visit to the table as he neared a century break.

The then World No 7 broke his concentration though, refraining from lining up a pot and instead taking a step back before chuckling to himself. A few spectators seemed to be laughing with him.

There was good reason for the laughter, though. Allen, 36, had been interrupted by spectator noise - but it wasn't the sound of voices or people getting up from seats.

Some very loud moaning had rung out from the stands, suggesting there were two fans enjoying themselves a little too much. As it happened, the audio was coming from mobile phone footage, to the undoubted relief of organisers.

Having seen the funny side of what transpired, Allen was at least able to get back down to business. He got back in position and potted the red, and went on to beat his Egyptian opponent 6-2.

What's the most bizarre reason for a sporting contest being interrupted? Let us know in the comments section.

Allen saw the funny side of the interruption
Allen saw the funny side of the interruption

Allen, who has won six ranking titles and in 2009 reached the semi finals of the World Championship, ended up going all the way to the final in the tournament. There, he was beaten 10-6 by Ronnie O'Sullivan.

'The Rocket' himself has had his fair share of dubious moments around the table, once nearly breaking his cue at The Crucible after missing a red against Matthew Stevens. He also once took his shoes off and briefly played in his socks.

Even in the ongoing World Championship, he was reprimanded after making a lewd gesture following a missed black in his win over David Gilbert. However, for all his colourful antics over the years, not even 'The Rocket' has had to pause his play due to sex noises.

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