Snooker Stance

January 18, 2020
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While you learn your game of snooker, one thing that you have to keep in mind is the correct stance for snooker. To become a better player, even for those who have been practicing long, to know the snooker stance well is very important. The correct body position while playing snooker is what we call snooker stance. The correct stance for snooker will help you taking a perfect shot and best cue action. With your stance you can align your body with your shot and the cue.

If you are playing snooker for long and not getting your shots right it is time that you changed your snooker stance. A little change on your part will make a world of difference to your game. To achieve a perfect cue action it is necessary to have a correct stance for snooker. Your complete game of snooker is based on your snooker stance.

You must aim to have a correct body position and that is what your snooker stance is all about. Your body has to be stable and you should have a comfortable position before you take the shot. Your body has to hold your position till you finish the shot. If the body moves during your cue action your shot is likely to go wide.

To make your body rest on a wide base is a correct stance for snooker. For this your leg position has to be right. Otherwise your body will swing while you take a shot and this will lead to incorrect aiming. It is very important in snooker that your body weight should not be concentrated at one place and has to be distributed so that the whole body can stay still while you take your shot and remain comfortable. You have to pull apart your legs so that your body can have a solid base.

This weight distribution is done for preventing an over balance while you take your shot. If your legs do not take the body weight you are likely to pitch forward while taking your shot. The distance between the two feet touching the ground has to be exact which should neither be too close or too apart. To have a correct stance for snooker your legs should have enough distance equal to the breadth of your shoulders.

The next important thing in the snooker stance is the hip position. This will be possible only when you position your legs correctly. Leg position varies from left handed players and right handed players. Actually the leg positions of left and right handed players are exactly opposite. If you want a correct stance for snooker the right leg has to be held straight. The left leg is put in front of the right while maintaining the breadth. The left leg has to be bent at the knees. This will allow the head to be aligned with the cue ball. This position is meant for people who play with the right hand.

The placement of the head is another important part of the snooker stance. The aim and the head have to be aligned in a straight line. You should hold the cue stick from the center of the head. The head and the table have to make a 90 degree angle and this makes a correct stance for snooker.

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