Snooker star hits 'fluke of century' after unintended pot

April 11, 2022
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Commentators and fellow snooker fans couldn't believe what they witnessed after David Gilbert produced the ‘fluke of the century’ during his World Championship qualifying match against Rory McLeod.

Gilbert recorded a sensational 6-1 win over his opponent - but it was not without an immense piece of good fortune during the final frame. The 40-year-old was attempting to sink the blue into the left middle pocket as he led 19-13.

However, he put too much power on the shot and the cue ball ricocheted off the pocket before bouncing off the opposite cushion and back towards the group of reds. The cue ball then hit the pink after the balls collided, which saw the blue ultimately roll into the bottom right against all odds.

After watching the blue miss his intended pocket, Gilbert turned away in frustration before watching the fortuitous events unfold. The Derby-born player allowed a smile to creep across his face as he realised he got away with one.

When the blue fell in, the commentator couldn’t help laughing. He said: “Oh, I’ve seen it all. Neil, I’ve seen it all now! That is extraordinary what’s happened there. Extraordinary.”

Former World No 3 Neal Foulds added: “That’s the fluke of the century! I don’t even know where to start on this. I don’t think I’ve seen many flukes like that. There was that one in the Championship League where the ball went along the cushion but that was a mind-boggling fluke I’ve just seen there.”

What is the flukiest snooker shot you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments section.

Gilbert was aiming for the middle left corner before his huge slice of luck
Gilbert was aiming for the middle left corner before his huge slice of luck

The commentator agreed, concluding: “It’s one for the ages and of course he lands on a red as well. He’s got the reds open, so a chance to win the match.

“I didn’t think we’d beat [Scott] Donaldson’s as fluke of the season but I think that does!”

Gilbert is now into the final round of qualifying where he will face the winner of the match between Anthony Hamilton and Elliot Slessor.

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