Snooker Tips For Newbies

January 11, 2020
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What are snooker tips and how can you benefit from them? First of all, you have to know that snooker is a game that was rarely played around 10 - 20 years back. Since it has been televised, billiards players found their passion with the more difficult but related game. The game had a nice history and was born in the United Kingdom. The tips in this article are mainly for people who know pool, watched snooker on television, and want to get started with the game now.

Right equipment:

It is true that without the right equipment it is impossible to play this game effectively. Snooker is very similar to billiards but definitely more difficult when it comes to long potting and exactness. You will need a great cue, balls, a table and one opponent. It is a game that is played by two players and can't be played by 10 players at the same time. You do need professional equipment so that success will happen sooner than later. When you visit a pool hall you will find a table, cues, chalks and eventually even a second player.


For those of you who haven't played billiards yet, you probably don't know the difference. On the other hand, all billiards players know that snooker is way more difficult than pool. The exactness you need for long potting balls, positioning play, sustaining angle and playing an entire frame with nearly 100% accuracy requires preciseness without any exception. Even short potting balls are way more difficult than long potting balls in billiards. The pockets are smaller than those of a pool table, so are the balls. That means that smaller pockets and smaller balls make it difficult to knock a ball in a specific pocket and build an entire frame. However, with enough practice and diligence you will be able to improve in skill and ability.


Snooker tips also recommend having a closer look to the mindset part of the game. Even if you are a recreational player who just started off, snooker will make more fun if you are passionate about the game and understand mental principles. Not hitting a ball optimally, making a mistake in building a frame, or even losing your nerves won't contribute to become a better player. The way in which you can beat this game is by believing that you can play long potting balls successfully in a row. If you believe in not being able to do it, you will probably never do it.

Use these 3 snooker tips to bring your game to the top.

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