Stephen Hendry hits back at "bull**** being talked about" amid underwhelming comeback

November 3, 2021
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Snooker legend Stephen Hendry has hit back at what he describes as ‘bull****’ being talked about his recent struggling form, after his return to the sport earlier this year.

Hendry made his eagerly awaited return at the Gibraltar Open in February after nine years away from the table, following his initial retirement in 2012.

The Scot - who has seven world championships to his name - has, however,|JNH failed to recapture the form that once made him one of the best snooker players to play the game.

Hendry fell to yet another defeat on Tuesday, as he lost 4-0 to Chris Wakelin in the opening round of the English Open.

Stephen Hendry lost 4-0 to Chris Wakelin in the opening round of the English Open.
Stephen Hendry lost 4-0 to Chris Wakelin in the opening round of the English Open.

Since his comeback Hendry has won just three matches, including a win against Jimmy White in recent months, but has failed to get past the second round of any event.

Following this, there have been many questions asked about the snooker great’s underwhelming return, which he seemed less than impressed about.

In an interview with the Metro, Hendry said: “I keep telling people and there’s all sorts of bull**** being talked about it by players and all sorts, but I’m just enjoying the process, seeing how I can play the game and see where it takes me.”

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Stephen Hendry is enjoying being back at the snooker table.
Stephen Hendry is enjoying being back at the snooker table

The 52-year-old also went on to say that doubts from many had already begun surrounding his comeback before he had even hit a ball, but he is more than confident in his game, whilst also enjoying his snooker.

Hendry added: “Some people didn’t think I’d win one match, I’ve won three. It’s nothing to shout about, compared to what I did in my career.

“But listen, I’m enjoying the process. I’m finding something in my cue action that I think I can rely on going forward and we’ll see where it takes me.

“When people say you’re not going to win a match and you win one, then it’s nice, but I’m not setting the world alight. Listen, I’m far from proving anyone wrong as regards to my comeback.

“I’ve never made it out to be anything that it isn’t. I just want to enjoy playing snooker again, whether that’s on my own, in an exhibition, on the TV table, that’s what I said to [coach] Stephen Feeney at the start of it. I know the game inside out, it’s all I can do, to be able to play those shots again will be nice.”

Despite regarding recent backlash from his critics as ‘bull****’ the seven-time world champion admitted he did in fact find the doubting of his ability ‘funny’, especially after four-time world champion Mark Selby joked with him.

When asked by the Metro if the criticism gets under his skin he said: "No not at all, it’s funny.

“[Mark] Selby [said] this afternoon ‘I’m looking forward to seeing Hendry twitch all over the place’. Some of it, you wonder why they’re bothering but I guess it’s me and they’ve got to say something.”

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