Steve Davis wants to play snooker while on drugs - and show it on YouTube

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Snooker legend Steve Davis wants to make a show on which he takes a variety of drugs and then tries to play a game.

The six-time World Champion - who is now a commentator for the BBC’s coverage of the sport - wants to see how recreational drugs affect his ability to pot balls.

He said: “Snooker went down the drug testing route in the ‘80s to try and get it Olympic ready, so all snooker players from the ‘80s have been drug tested.

“I thought it could be quite fun now that I’m retired to do a YouTube channel where you actually play snooker on a variety of different things to see what it was like.

“I know there’s one on putting together flat pack IKEA furniture on a variety of different drugs.

“I think it would be a great idea … it would be a funny thing to do. You might make a 1 break and think it’s a 147.

“I could try and convince Dennis Taylor, we could recreate the 1985 World Championship. I can just see it with his glasses all steamed up.”

Steve - who is a professional DJ and is in a band called The Utopia Strong - thinks it was unfair on the players in the 1980s when snooker officials introduced drugs testing.

Champion snooker player Steve Davis with one of his awards
Steve Davis was regularly in the winners enclosure

Steve Davis is often seen on our screens as a pundit

The 64-year-old former sportsman insists none of his peers, such as Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins and Willie Thorne, ever took drugs or drank to be better at snooker, they just wanted to party at the weekends.

He said: “Everybody goes, ‘Oh, such and such got caught in the snooker world…’ and then the headline is drugs cheat, as if they’re actually trying to improve their game, like taking anabolic steroids in the Olympics.

“I always felt it was a bit unfair on the people who were deciding what they wanted to take socially - and alcohol is the worst drug out there - then they were being called a drugs cheat and they weren’t trying to cheat it just so happened they wanted to do it.”

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