The Age Of The Snooker Cues

January 9, 2020
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A Brief History Of The Snooker Cue

What could be considered to have been the first snooker cues, were believed to have been created in 1807 by Francois Mingaud. Using leather punched from old harness's, Monsieur Minguad attached these pieces of leather to the snooker cue tips to enable a better contact with the balls. Since then Snooker Cues have improved year on year changing in composition, material and splice, using modern technologies to perfect weight, slide, tip and handling. The birth of the snooker cue has also in more recent years made way for variations on the classic theme, with high quality pool cues and billiards cues being developed using the original concepts conceived many years ago to create top quality cues being used worldwide. The Birth of the Snooker Association In 1875 the first use of the term "snooker" was given to the game by Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain whilst serving in the Army. An unconventional place for games/sports to be given birth, snooker was played In the Officers' Mess at Jubbulpore in India, gambling games such as pyramids, life pool and black pool were also popular, with fifteen reds and a black used in the latter. To these were added yellow, green and pink, with blue and brown introduced some years later creating the foundations of what the game is today.

The First Cues Men

The ground breaking company who first designed snooker cues is Peradon which was founded in 1885 by Leopold George Peradon, his father (a skilled maker of church furniture) having settled in England from France some 20 years earlier. Leopold Peradon began making cues in the finished state, the first were plain ash followed by one point, two point and then four point hand-spliced cues. It was some years before the solid butted four point machine spliced cue was introduced which later became the standard type of butt. Still today Peradon produces a massive range of snooker cues, pool cues and billiards cues of all shapes and sizes and for all skill levels.

The Snooker Cues Of Today

Today's Snooker Cues, it has become a little more competitive with manufacturers such as Riley, Buffalo, Orca, Cue Craft and craftsman cues all making vast ranges of high performing snooker cues, pool cues and billiards cues, giving us a vast array of cues to choose from. The good news is, The popularity of our beloved sport and the cue sports only look to gain further momentum and the attention to detail on today's cues will become even more focused. The Cue sports of today will in the next few years see more high quality snooker, pool and billiards cues such as the George Balabushka, the Peradon York and the Riley Ronnie O-Sullivan cues will be seen regularly amongst today's snooker and pool halls across the country, giving amateurs and professionals alike a head start in homing their talents and developed skills to become some of the best cue sports players in the world.

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