The Final: Frame By Frame

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Frame by frame updates from the final of the Betfred World Championship between Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy…

Frame 1
Murphy has first chance of the final and builds a 30-0 lead before missing a tough blue to a baulk corner. Selby replies with 49 then fails to gain position on the last red. After a safety exchange, Murphy pots the red and adds pink, yellow, green and brown to leave the score at 46-49 on the blue. Playing safe on the blue, Selby leaves it close to the baulk cushion, and his opponent converts an excellent thin cut to the green corner, adding a simple pink to draw first blood.
Murphy 1-0 Selby

Frame 2
An early missed red from Murphy gives Selby a clear chance, and he makes 41 before failing to pot a straight-forward blue to centre. Murphy’s attempted clearance ends at 58-41 when he over-cuts a tricky yellow to a baulk corner. The frame comes down to a battle on the brown, and Murphy slots a clever cross double into a baulk pocket, then thumps in a long blue for 2-0. Winning two early tactical frames will boost Murphy’s confidence.
Murphy 2-0 Selby

Frame 3
Murphy looks to be cruising to a 3-0 lead until he under-cuts a red to top corner on 65. Selby replies with 46 but can’t dislodge the brown from the baulk cushion and plays safe. Murphy misjudges his response, leaving the brown too close to a top corner, and a relieved Selby clears the last four colours to get a frame on the board.
Murphy 2-1 Selby

Frame 4
Murphy’s attempted long red misses its target, and he leaves the balls at Selby’s mercy. A break of 89 gets the Jester back on level terms at the interval.
Murphy 2-2 Selby

Frame 5
This time Murphy finds the back of the pocket with a cracking long red, setting up a run of 75 as he regains the lead.
Murphy 3-2 Selby

Frame 6
Selby misses a tricky red with the swan-neck rest when leading 20-0 to hand his opponent a chance, but Murphy pots just one red before under-cutting the black off its spot to a top corner. Selby makes 46 which is enough to square the tie.
Murphy 3-3 Selby


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