The Most Fortunate Way To Win A Snooker Match Ever?!

December 1, 2017
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World Snooker Championship 2017: Watch Shaun Murphy's super FLUKE to win the match against Yan Bingtao.

SHAUN Murphy is known as the Magician but he must have used some black magic to fluke this red!

With Murphy 9-8 ahead in the best of 19 match, Yan was leading Murphy 65-23 in this frame but a poor safety shot gave his opponent a chance.

Murphy decided to take on the pot but the red hit the jaws of the top left corner pocket and went straight into the top right corner pocket.

UK's Murphy was able to capitalize on the huge slice of luck and win the match 10-8 while Chinese player Yan Bingtao wondered what could have happened if it wasn't for the fluke.


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