Wedding day fear forced snooker star Mark Allen to lose four stone in five months

September 30, 2022
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Snooker star Mark Allen says some hard truths from a friend resulted in him changing his lifestyle and shedding four stone in weight.

The 36-year-old weighed in at 19st earlier this year and was warned by a close friend that he may not be around to walk his daughter down the wedding aisle if his drinking and eating habits continued.

He told The Sun: “One of my very closest friends said to me: ‘If you keep going the way you’re going Mark, you won’t be here to walk Harleigh (his daughter) down the aisle.’ That was tough to hear but probably what I needed to hear.”

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The Northern Irishman shocked his competitors with his body transformation at this week's British Open snooker tournament in Milton Keynes. Allen's new confidence is reflecting on the table and he hit a stunning five-cushion escape shot in his victory over Li Hang.

The shot was widely shared on social media and was branded as the 'shot of the season' by many. Allen has been in formidable form in the tournament beating Hang, Gary Wilson and world number two Judd Trump. He is taking on Mark Selby in today's quarter-final.

He added: “I’m happier in my appearance. I don’t want to do bad things to myself when I look in the mirror. I need to lose more weight. I’m not fighting fit yet."

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Allen has lost four stone in five months after a frank chat with a friend
Allen has lost four stone in five months after a frank chat with a friend

Mark Allen pictured at the Snooker World Championships before his body transformation
Allen pictured at the World Snooker Championships before his body transformation

Allen was given weight loss tips by snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan at the World Snooker Championship in April. Despite losing the match to the world number one, Allen has turned his lifestyle around and has changed his snooker game as result.

“I’m having to adapt on the table. It’s probably not perceptive to those watching from the sides," added Allen.

"But I can feel it myself. I’m so used to going round my belly. Now I’m on a straighter path. It affects your alignment and aim. It has taken time.”


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