World Snooker Championship 2022 qualifying draw and schedule

March 29, 2022
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Phil Haigh ✍️  

2020 Players Championship - Day 2
Ding Junhui must go through qualifying to reach the Crucible this year (Picture: VCG via Getty Images)

Many start watching the World Snooker Championship when it reaches the Crucible, but in truth there is a giant qualifying competition which 16 players will emerge from, just to make it to the sport’s most famous arena.

The world’s top 16 have already booked their spot at the Crucible, but 16 more must win through qualification at Sheffield’s English Institute for Sport from 4-13 April.

Some have four matches ahead of them, while higher ranked players only face two, as explained by WST: ‘Round one pits players ranked 81 to 112 against those seeded 113 to 144

‘In round two, those 32 winners will face players ranked 49-80.

‘In round three, those 32 winners will face players ranked 17-48.

‘In round four, those 32 winners play each other, with the 16 winners going through to the Crucible.’

World Championship qualifiers draw

Monday 4 April – chronological order

Round One

Zhao Jianbo v Michael Judge – 10:30am
Xu Si v Michael Collumb – 10:30am
Zhang Jiankang v John Astley – 10:30am
Zhang Anda v Anton Kazakov – 10:30am
Alfie Burden v Robbie McGuigan – 3:30pm
Duane Jones v N Wongharuthai – 3:30pm
Fraser Patrick v Michael White – 3:30pm
Aaron Hill v Liam James Davies – 3:30pm
Lukas Kleckers v Soheil Vahedi – 8:30pm
Andrew Pagett v Jimmy White – 8:30pm
Hammad Miah v Chen Zifan – 8:30pm
Louis Heathcote v Ben Mertens – 8:30pm

Tuesday 5 April

Rory McLeod v Ng On Yee – 10:30am
Barry Pinches v Lee Stephens – 10:30am
Chang Bingyu v Daniel Wells – 10:30am
Yuan Sijun v Ross Muir – 10:30am
Ian Burns v Marco Fu – 3:30pm
Peter Devlin v Yorrit Hoes – 3:30pm
Jamie Wilson v Jake Crofts – 3:30pm
Peter Lines v Sanderson Lam – 3:30pm
Craig Steadman v David Lilley – 8:30pm
Lee Walker v Reanne Evans – 8:30pm
Ben Hancorn v Dean Young – 8:30pm
Jamie O’Neill v James Cahill – 8:30pm

Wednesday 6 April

Farakh Ajaib v Mark Lloyd – 10:30am
Zak Surety v Si Jiahui – 10:30am
Lei Peifan v Sean Maddocks – 10:30am
Wu Yize v Bai Langning – 10:30am
Mitchell Mann v Dylan Emery – 3:30pm
Gerard Greene v Rebecca Kenna – 3:30pm
Jackson Page v Sean O’Sullivan – 3:30pm
Iulian Boiko v Michael Georgiou – 3:30pm

Round Two – draw order

Allan Taylor v Zhao Jianbo / M Judge – 8:30pm
Scott Donaldson v Burden / McGuigan – 8:30pm
Dominic Dale v D Jones / N Wongharuthai – 8:30pm
Lyu Haotian v Xu Si / Collumb – 8:30pm

Thursday 7 April

Sunny Akani v Zhang Jiankang/John Astley – 10:30am
Andy Hicks v Zhang Anda / Kazakov – 10:30am
Martin O’Donnell v Patrick / Michael White – 10:30am
Fergal O’Brien v A Hill / L J Davies – 10:30am
Nigel Bond v Kleckers / Vahedi – 8:30pm
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v Pagett / J White – 8:30pm
Michael Holt v Hammad Miah / Chen Zifan – 8:30pm
Mark Joyce v Heathcote / Mertens – 8:30pm
Robbie Williams v Steadman / D Lilley – 3:30pm
Tian Pengfei v L Walker / R Evans – 3:30pm
Joe O’Connor v B Pinches / L Stephens – 3:30pm
Ashley Hugill v Hancorn / D Young – 3:30pm

Friday 8 April

Ken Doherty v R McLeod / Ng On Yee – 8:30pm
Elliot Slessor v I Burns / Marco Fu – 8:30pm
Oliver Lines v P Devlin / Hoes – 8:30pm
Chris Wakelin v Jamie Wilson/Crofts – 8:30pm
Andrew Higginson v Chang Bingyu/Wells – 10:30am
Cao Yupeng v P Lines / S Lam – 10:30am
Mark Davis v Jamie O’Neill / Cahill – 10:30am
Steven Hallworth v Yuan Sijun / Muir – 10:30am
Gao Yang v M Mann / Emery – 3:30pm
Matthew Stevens v Gerard Greene / Kenna – 3:30pm
Ashley Carty v J Page / Sean O’Sullivan – 3:30pm
David Grace v Boiko / Georgiou – 3:30pm

Saturday 9 April

Pang Junxu v Ajaib/Lloyd – Apr 10:30am
Jamie Clarke v Surety / Si Jiahui – 10:30am
Stuart Carrington v Lei Peifan/Maddocks – 10:30am
Simon Lichtenberg v Wu Yize/Bai Langning – 10:30am

Round Three

Ricky Walden v A Taylor/Judge/Jianbo – 3:30pm
Li Hang v Donaldson/Burden/Mcguigan – 3:30pm
Liang Wenbo v Dale/D Jones/Wongharuthai – 3:30pm
Lu Ning v Lyu Haotian/Xu/Collumb – 3:30pm
Stephen Maguire v Akani/Jiankang/Astley – 8:30pm
Zhou Yuelong v Hicks/Anda/Kazakov – 8:30pm
Mark King v O’Donnell/Patrick/M White – 8:30pm
Jordan Brown v F O’Brien/Hill/Davies – 8:30pm

2017 UK Championship - Day 10
Stephen Maguire has been forced to qualify after dropping out of the top 16 (Picture: Getty Images)

Sunday 10 April

Matthew Selt v N Bond/Kleckers/Vahedi – 10:30am
Jak Jones v Un-Nooh /Pagett/J White – 10:30am
Tom Ford v Holt/Miah/Chen – 10:30am
Jamie Jones v Joyce/Heathcote/Mertens – 10:30am
Kurt Maflin v R Williams/Steadman/Lilley – 8:30pm
Ding Junhui v Tian Pengfei/Walker/Evans – 8:30pm
Ben Woollaston v J O’Connor/Pinches/L Stephens – 8:30pm
Martin Gould v Hugill/Hancorn/Young – 8:30pm
David B Gilbert v K Doherty/McLeod/On Yee – 3:30pm
Anthony Hamilton v Slessor/Burns/Fu – 3:30pm
Jimmy Robertson v O Lines/Devlin/Hoes – 3:30pm
Fan Zhengyi v C Wakelin/J Wilson/Crofts – 3:30pm

Monday 11 April

Noppon Saengkham v Higginson/Chang/Wells – 3:30pm
Robert Milkins v Cao Yupeng/P Lines/Lam – 3:30pm
Liam Highfield v Mark Davis/O’Neill/Cahill – 3:30pm
Ryan Day v Hallworth/yuan/Muir – 3:30pm
Allister Carter v Gao Yang/Mann/Emery – 8:30pm
Sam Craigie v M Stevens/Greene/Kenna – 8:30pm
Joe Perry v Carty/Page/S O’Sullivan – 8:30pm
Xiao Guodong v Grace/Boiko/Georgiou – 8:30pm
Graeme Dott v Pang Junxu/Ajaib/Lloyd – 10:30am
Gary Wilson v J Clarke/Surety/Si – 10:30am
Alexander Ursenbacher v Carrington/Lei/Maddocks -10:30am
Hossein Vafaei v Lichtenberg/Wu/Bai – 10:30am

Round Four – 12-13 Apr

TBD. After three rounds of best-of-11, the 32 players that emerge face one more round over a best-of-19 to reach the Crucible.

The qualifiers will be shown on Eurosport in the UK.

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