World Snooker Championship: Bingham asks fans' help with pot

April 27, 2022
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Stuart Bingham needed help from the audience with a tricky pot during his World Snooker Championship quarter-final against Judd Trump.

Bingham found himself in a difficult position midway through the eighth frame after Trump stuck the cue ball on the bottom cushion and left him with a choice of the two remaining reds. With one obscured by the blue, Bingham was left with a potentially dangerous shot on a red near the baulk line.

The Essex potter didn't like the situation he found himself in and let it be known to the crowd. "Anyone got an idea?", he blurted out as he surveyed his options around the table.

That prompted a loud chuckle from the Crucible crowd and a response from one eager audience member who thought he could help the 2015 champion. After some grimacing looks, Bingham finally got down and played the shot, but it didn't go as he would have liked.

Bingham took on the red at baulk, but his attempt went awry as the red cannoned off the black and into a tempting position for Trump to take on. The white ball ended up off the cushion, leaving the Juddernaut with a real tempter to win the frame.

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Stuart Bingham couldn't work out what to do with two reds on the table and the white ball in a tricky spot
Stuart Bingham couldn't work out what to do with two reds on the table and the white ball in a tricky spot

Trump capitalised on Bingham's mistake and went on to win the frame to claim a 5-3 overnight lead in the race to 13 contest. It leaves the 45-year-old with work to do if he wants to book his place in his third world championship semi-final.

Before the match, Bingham revealed that Trump doesn't hold the same aura for him as some of the others legends of the game. "You get to a point where you concentrate on your own game," he said.

"I’ve grown up with the likes of [Stephen] Hendry, [Steve] Davis, Ronnie [O’Sullivan], John Higgins, Mark Williams. Judd was a bit behind that. He’s a great player, a great world champion, but I suppose that aura of the likes of Hendry, Davis, Ronnie, Higgins and all that have.

"For me, he ain’t got that. For me personally, obviously he does frighten other players, but as he’s come after me, I don’t see him in that limelight. I sort of see him as, if you take your chances against anyone, you’re going to win."

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