How to Break Off in Snooker

January 12, 2020
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Snooker is a game which is played more or less like billiards and it too uses a big table which is 5 ft by 10 ft. When you play snooker you have to learn snooker break off shot to get the game going successfully. If you feel you can win in the beginning then you should know how to break off in snooker and influence the game. You should adopt the correct style and learn everything about snooker to make you a winner.

As a beginner it is important to understand how to break off in snooker and get to know the technique of snooker break off shot. The rear end of the triangle has the red which you should aim at as a new player. Come back to the same side of the cue ball towards the point near the green or yellow. This decision will depend on the cue ball's position on which side of the baulk line it is.

Taking such an action is to your advantage as it will ensure that it can successfully stop your ball from going into one of the top pockets. Before you can take a professional snooker break off shot you must understand the effect of the sides.

Learn how to break off in snooker comfortably and for this many players adopt a left hand side break off as they feel that this is safer. This will not be an advantage to the opponent as playing safety shots from the yellow corner will be more uncomfortable than the green corner.

Hitting the end red often happens in the first shot while learning how to break off in snooker. You will find that hitting the second red opens up the pack wider and few players do that. Getting the cue ball tight on the baulk cushion is going to be good for you as it will give you advantage. By this your opponent will also have a problem taking the safety shot.

You must not let your red be caught too thin while learning how to break off in snooker because this will make you lose your advantage. If it is caught too thin then your snooker break off shot will touch the end red pushing the ball to the corner pocket. This will surely be of advantage for your opponent as he/she will get a nice position for break off. If you let your cue ball caught too thick it might just go the corner pocket or go in-off.

A good snooker break off shot will be if you hit the end red. It is one of the professional shots. It is one of the perfect shots and you opponent might get into trouble if you take this shot. It is for you to make a good snooker break off shot which should give enough trouble to your opponent. A moderate shot from you will also need to be played off well by your opponent.

Learn how to break off in snooker well and make sure that you do not hit the blue ball. Take a snooker break off shot in a way so that your shot should give angles to the cue ball from the sides. And this will make sure that the cue ball will stay clear of the blue ball.

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