How to Use a Professional Snooker Triangle

January 16, 2020
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Most of the time when ever the word triangle is mentioned in the game of snooker, it refers to the triangular shaped snooker accessory that is used to position the fifteen red balls just behind the pink spot on the table.

However, a professional snooker triangle is not triangular it's rectangular in shape with a triangular shaped hole in the middle of it and there is a good reason for this.

Snooker triangles are made from wood or plastic but no matter which material you prefer, you should always be careful not to rub the baize when positioning the balls.

In a snooker tournament it is important that the fifteen red balls are position accurately on the table each and every time a new game (frame) is started. This is done utilising the particular features of the professional tournament snooker triangle.

Professional snooker triangle run on wheel that are unidirectional, they also have a pointer that is used to find the centre of the table and because the out shape is rectangular, one edge of the rectangle can be used to align the row of reds nearest the top cushion parallel to it.

Steps involved in using a Professional Tournament Snooker Triangle.

  1. Place the triangle on the table with the short side furthest away from the pointer flush against the top cushion. Making sure that pointer is pointing to the black spot.
  2. Place all fifteen red balls in the triangular opening.
  3. Push the triangle toward the pink spot, until the pointer is over the pink spot.
  4. Place the end of your fingers just behind the balls to make sure that they are tightly packed.
  5. Push the triangle forward a few millimetres.
  6. Remove the triangle by lifting the rear of the triangle carefully upwards until it clear of the balls.
  7. Left the entire triangle from the table.
  8. Place the pink on its spot.

Now the balls are in the perfect position ready for consistent break offs.

When buying a professional tournament snooker triangle, make sure that it does do what it is meant to do. Make sure it is accurate, well made and does not leave marks on the table after it has been used.

If you are serious about your snooker, you would purchase a snooker cue, snooker cue case, chalk, snooker balls and a snooker triangle. Once you have all of these, you are then ready to start your breaks just like the professionals do.

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