How to Use a Professional Snooker Triangle

January 16, 2020
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Learn the step-by-step process of using a professional snooker triangle for accurate and consistent placement of the fifteen red balls.

In snooker, the word "triangle" usually refers to the accessory used to position the fifteen red balls behind the pink spot on the table.

Despite its name, the professional snooker triangle is rectangular with a triangular shape in the center for a specific reason.

Snooker triangles are usually made from plastic or wood. Proper care should be taken not to rub the table's baize when positioning the balls.

The triangle's unidirectional wheels and pointer help accurately position the balls every time a new game (frame) is started. The rectangular shape allows for easy alignment of the fifteen red balls behind the pink spot.

Here are the steps to use a Professional Snooker Triangle:

  1. Place the triangle on the table with the short side furthest away from the pointer, ensuring that the pointer is pointing to the black spot.
  2. Put all fifteen red balls into the triangular opening.
  3. Move the triangle up towards the pink spot until the pointer is over it.
  4. Place your fingers behind the balls to ensure they are tightly packed.
  5. Push the triangle forward slightly to create space between the balls and triangle.
  6. Carefully lift the rear of the triangle upwards until it is clear of the balls, then remove the entire triangle from the table.
  7. Put the pink ball on its spot.

With the balls now perfectly positioned, you are set for a break-off!

How to Use a Professional Snooker Triangle

It's important to invest in high-quality snooker equipment. Make sure to choose a triangle that is accurate, well-crafted, and won't leave marks on the table after use.

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