Mark Selby, Barry Hawkins and referee left in tears of laughter

Hilarious moment as players and referee couldn’t stop laughing when the extended rest fell to pieces in a Championship League between Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins.

Barry Hawkins and Mark Selby both could not stop laughing during the first frame of their Championship League clash at the Morningside Arena in Leicester.

Selby, leading by 54 points, left Hawkins snookered behind the green with two reds down at the opposite end of the table.

With almost the full length of the table to cue over to reach the white, Hawkins asked the referee to hand him the extended rest.

As the referee prepared to place the extended rest on the table, the first third broke apart and landed with a thud on the table.

Barry Hawkins can’t contain his laughter

This unexpected mishap caused both players to laugh out loud and then continue to snicker uncontrollably. Even the referee could not control his laugh.

For the next five minutes both players struggled to regain their composure as Hawkins barely tried to win the frame.