The Rocket Method Review: Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Online Snooker Course

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Breaking down ‘The Rocket Method’: Ronnie O’Sullivan’s online Snooker course reviewed.


🎓 Coach: Ronnie O’Sullivan
👤 Assistant: Alan McManus
🎥 Producer: Gregg Helvey (Hungry Man Productions)
🗣️ Languages: English & Chinese
🚀 Launch Date: October 9, 2023
⏲️ Details: 12-Episodes (approx. 12 hours total length)
🏷️ Discount Code: FREAKS

⚠️ I’ve already enrolled in the course and will update this article once I’ve completed “The Rocket Method” as soon as it launches 🚀

The snooker world has a lot of online coaches, instructors and influencers these days, along with a lot of free content on YouTube.

Although this is a great opportunity for budding snooker players to learn from the comfort of their home, with so many online resources and courses available it can become a bit overwhelming.

Ronnie O’Sullivan announced his 12-hour snooker masterclass, ‘The Rocket Method’, on his social media in the spring of 2023. Having a snooker genius like Ronnie as the coach for this online snooker course sets it apart and draws a substantial online audience.

Is this a great opportunity to learn snooker from one of the most intuitive and imaginative tacticians to ever play the game? Is The Rocket Method really that good? Well, let’s find out!

The Rocket Method™ – First Impressions

In the midst of a crowded snooker content landscape, it’s crucial to distinguish between quality content and mere noise. “The Rocket Method” emerges as an online snooker course aiming to elevate your snooker skills. What makes it stand out from the rest?

This course boasts an impressive array of professionally produced, high-quality video content. It’s more than just an online snooker course; it offers a cinematic experience tailored for snooker enthusiasts. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Gregg Helvey directs the course, while the renowned Hungry Man Productions handles its production.

What adds credibility to “The Rocket Method” is the involvement of snooker professionals. Ronnie O’Sullivan, a legendary figure in snooker, collaborates with Alan McManus, another top-level snooker expert and match commentator, to shape the course’s content and videos.

“The Rocket Method” offers two enrollment options: an individual membership and a group membership. But the question remains, is “The Rocket Method” really worth it?

“The Rocket Method” distinguishes itself with its professionally produced content and the involvement of snooker professionals like Ronnie O’Sullivan and Alan McManus.

The Rocket Method™ Trailer

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The Need for Online Snooker Courses

First things first, there is no replacement for table time with a good coach. If you’re starting your snooker journey, practicing and playing regularly is crucial in order to improve your game.

Online snooker training offers a different approach to mastering the game, this has made improving your snooker skills while being away from the table easier than ever.

You can take the help of an expert coach around with you in your pocket, helping you save on individual coaching fees at your local club. But what’s the difference between a snooker course and a snooker coach?

Difference between an online snooker course vs coaching

An online snooker course offers flexibility, a structured curriculum, and easy accessibility. Whereas a traditional snooker coaching provides personalized, hands-on guidance with immediate feedback.

The choice between the two depends on an individual’s learning style, goals, and availability. Some players may even choose to complement traditional coaching with online courses for a well-rounded snooker education.

The Rocket Method is an online snooker course, not a coaching.

What to consider when choosing an online snooker course?

An effective online snooker course should offer high-quality well-presented content, experienced coaches, a user-friendly platform, comprehensive coverage for different skill levels, and valuable supplementary resources to ensure a positive and enriching learning experience for snooker enthusiasts.

For an online snooker course, The Rocket Method seems to check most of these boxes.

With the increasing popularity of online learning in sports, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality online snooker course like ‘The Rocket Method’ to enhance your skills, conveniently access expert guidance, and elevate your performance in the comfort of your own space.

Get lifetime access to The Rocket Method at a fraction of the cost of a traditional 1:2:1 snooker coaching.

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An Overview of “The Rocket Method”

“The Rocket Method” offers comprehensive coverage of snooker, encompassing fundamental techniques, advanced tactics, equipment advice, and strategies for managing on-table expectations.

What sets this course apart is its remarkable production quality, both visual and audio. With a staggering 10+ hours of high-quality cinematic content, it includes various table views, such as headcam and top-down perspectives, complemented by animations, guides, and insightful commentary.

Here’s a sneak peek:

There are 12 episodes structured around different lessons, from the basics to advanced information. So there is plenty of content to explore.

The course is being released in stages. The initial 9 episodes are accessible, remaining episodes 10 through 12 will become available early 2024.

Course content

  • Episode 1: Introduction to Snooker (43:09)
  • Episode 2: Straight Cueing & Cue Action (1:15:47)
  • Episode 3: Cue Rest Play & Playing with the Opposite Hand (21:00)
  • Episode 4: Potting (1:10:04)
  • Episode 5: Positional Play Part 1: Center Ball Striking (47:21)
  • Episode 6: Positional Play Part 2: Side Spin (47:55)
  • Episode 7: Splitting the Pack of Reds & Cannons (43:47)
  • Episode 8: Break Building (1:27:29)
  • Episode 9: Break Off Shot (21:37)
  • Episode 10: Safety Play & Tactics (Coming soon)
  • Episode 11: Escaping Snookers (Coming soon)
  • Episode 12: Ronnie’s Personal Snooker Journey (Coming soon)

The course maintains substantial depth in each episode, reflecting the team’s dedicated efforts to provide valuable and thoughtful snooker instruction. This is great for recreational snooker players who are looking to improve their game, but may not have direct access to coaching.

You can expect to gain insights into snooker basics, cue action, equipment usage, aiming, spin and speed, break building, safety and escape tactics, and different shots and their variations.

The official website, trailers and the content itself present a well-organized and informative course packed with snooker wisdom.

Why choose The Rocket Method?

The Rocket Method takes a different approach to snooker coaching. Getting better at snooker takes practice. But practice alone only gets you so far. Ronnie O’Sullivan not only outlines the research and his experience, he teaches you how to apply it in your own game.

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on private snooker lessons or coaching. This course teaches you how quality practice can outperform hours of table time. It equips you with strategies for immediate improvement, transforming you from an inconsistent player to a reliable one.

In each lesson, Ronnie shares his insights on a particular topic, along with drills and practical recommendations. They are the exact same concepts that he got coached and uses with his own game.

The course is entirely online, and taught through a self-paced platform. Not to mention, you’ll get lifetime streaming access.

About the coach

With Ronnie O’Sullivan as your coach, you have a chance to learn from the greatest snooker player of all time. Ronnie is assisted by Alan McManus (top-level snooker expert and commentator), creating an almost perfect snooker synergy.

Ronnie offers his unique insights, while Alan provides his extensive expertise to break down even the most complex snooker concepts.

Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan has been a professional snooker player for over 30 years. His entertaining, rapid-playing style and natural talent has earned him immense respect among his peers and a global fan following.

Some of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s extraordinary achievements (records only) include:

  • 21 Triple Crown Titles (7 World Championships, 7 UK Championships, 7 Masters Championships)
  • 39 Ranking Titles
  • 15 Maximum Breaks
  • Over 1,000 Century Breaks
  • Fastest 147 Maximum Break in history (5:08 minutes), at the 1997 World Championship.

Undoubtedly, Ronnie O’Sullivan is the most successful snooker player in history. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2016.

Additionally, Ronnie has been working with his coach Stephen Feeney, the man behind SightRight. Feeney is a sighting and alignment coach who has played a pivotal role in the success of snooker, golf, football, darts, and cricket stars, including Ronnie, Stuart Bingham, and Mark Williams, helping them secure world titles through his unique coaching methods. We hope to see his insights being taught in this course too.

About the team

The course is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Gregg Helvey and produced by world-class production company Hungry Man Productions.

The team aims to deliver a cinematic treat tailored for snooker enthusiasts. The epic production quality will take you right to the snooker table with Ronnie.

Experience Snooker Coaching Like Never Before

Use code FREAKS to get a special discount on top of the already discounted sale price.

What could be better?

There are a few things about The Rocket Method that could have been better. First, this isn’t clear if this course will evolve and update over time. Secondly, there seems to be no ongoing support or feedback to ensure consistent progress in your snooker practice.

This means that there will be no accountability to make sure you’re putting the practice needed for your current ability. You will not be able to ask questions or get an assessment for review and analysis of your technique, in case you are struggling with anything or just need help to overcome your obstacles and continue with your progress. Its just how an online course works as opposed to a traditional coaching.

I wish that they’d at-least launch an online community so that students can participate in discussions and get feedback and support from others. Also, maybe a plan on any upcoming content updates could provide a better understanding of what to expect when you enroll.

Moreover, it would have been more interesting to see other snooker pros as guest appearances as well, allowing for different perspectives, approaches and insights based on their experiences and strengths.

However, I believe the best way to get a feel for this course is to check it out for yourself. This might be the perfect option if you want to improve your snooker skills from the comfort of your home.

Pros and Cons


  • Learn from the best
  • Packed with high quality content
  • A global reach for easy accessibility
  • User-friendly platform
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lifetime streaming access


  • Not sure if the course will evolve and update over time
  • No ongoing support, feedback or community



Overall, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s online snooker course ‘The Rocket Method’ is one of the best on the internet. Ronnie’s expertise shines through his easily digestible teaching style, offering a personal touch for learners.

With Ronnie and Alan’s extensive snooker backgrounds, the course provides a unique perspective on online snooker instruction. It’s well-produced, diverse, and practical, distinguishing it from other online coaches.

Choosing the right snooker coach or course depends on personal preferences and needs. Different coaches resonate differently with individuals, making it essential to find an approach that suits your own personal style and addresses your specific challenges.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this course aims to elevate your snooker skills, and its online format ensures easy worldwide accessibility. Embracing online coaching allows you to refine technique and the mental aspects of the game from the comfort of your own space, benefiting snooker enthusiasts globally.

Make Ronnie your personal coach: learn The Rocket Method 🚀

Use code FREAKS to get a special discount on top of the already discounted sale price.

With ‘The Rocket Method’, you can get better at the game you love by learning secrets from a snooker genius. So don’t miss out! This unique course will change the way you play and see the game of snooker.

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Sounds like a fantastic opportunity to learn some snooker from Ronnie and Alan.