3 Skills You Need to Be a Snooker Pro

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Learn the top 3 essential skills you need to become a snooker pro. Improve your potting skills, cue ball control, and safety tactics to level up your game.

Becoming a snooker pro requires a combination of natural ability, hard work, and practice. While natural talent can certainly help, there are specific skills that you need to master to succeed in the world of snooker.

There are three skills that are crucial for any aspiring snooker pro: potting skills, cue ball control, and safety.

Potting Skills

Potting is the fundamental aspect of snooker. The ability to sink balls consistently and accurately is what sets the best players apart from the rest. Potting requires a combination of technique, accuracy, and confidence.

To accurately pot the right balls, you must calculate the angle at which the cue ball must strike the object ball (line of aim).

 💡 To determine the line of aim, position yourself behind the object ball and visualize a straight line from the ball to the pocket.

This may sound easy, but requires precision and understanding of the amount of power needed and the correct potting angle, as over or underestimating can cause the ball to bounce out, not reach the pocket or miss the pocket entirely.

The best way to develop your potting skills is to practice regularly. Set up drills that focus on specific shots, such as long pots or shots with side spin. Work on your technique to ensure that you are striking the ball accurately.

Cue Ball Control

Cue ball control is a crucial skill in snooker, requiring planning and foresight to position the cue ball for the next shot.

Good cue ball control requires an understanding of table geometry and how spin and pace affect cue ball’s movement and position.

Players who can consistently control the cue ball will be able to set up easier shots and increase their chances of winning frames.

To develop your cue ball control, practice playing different types of shots with different levels of spin and speed. Focus on controlling the position of the cue ball after each shot.

💡 Applying spin to the cue ball allows better control of its movement after it strikes the object ball or the cushion, leading to better positioning for the next shot.


Safety is often overlooked by amateur players, but it is a crucial skill for any aspiring snooker pro. Safety shots are shots that are played with the intention of preventing your opponent from making a pot or setting up an easy shot.

The ability to play effective safety shots can be the difference between winning and losing frames. Good safety play requires a combination of tactical awareness, shot selection, and execution.

Safety Shot

A good safety shot is one that leaves your opponent in a difficult situation and prevents them from taking advantage on the table. Usually the very first shot that is played in each frame (break-off) is a safety shot.

One of the best safety shots is a snooker, where the opponent has no direct path to the object ball, making it difficult for them to hit and often resulting in a foul. It takes practice to learn how to take these shots and how to get out of difficult situations.

💡 To develop your safety skills, practice playing defensive shots and think about how you can use them to gain an advantage over your opponent.

If you are serious about becoming a snooker pro, focus on mastering these three skills. Good potting skills and cue ball control will make you a confident snooker player but adding safety to your game will take it to the pro level.

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