Buying a Snooker Table - What to Look Out For

January 11, 2020
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When buying a snooker table there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you need to think about the size. There are a variety of sizes available so before you make your choice consider how much space you have and remember to leave some spare room around the outside for you to take your shots. If possible you should aim to leave approximately two foot all around the table. Every keen snooker player wants to have their own full size snooker table but you have to remember to be serious when it comes to the purchase as it will be a waste of money to buy a table that is too big and not be able to use it. Keep in mind that if you buy a smaller table it still allows you to work on your game and improve your potting simply through every day match play. It is also fun to practice trick shots on smaller tables and it can be great for learning to control the cue ball.

However, size is not the only thing to think about when buying a snooker table. You also need to think about the quality of the table. Remember to think about the type of material the snooker table is made of. You should also consider the quality of the pockets and especially the table cloth. Have a look at the accessories that come with the table such as the snooker balls and make sure that they are suited to that table. Before you start playing regularly it is important you get all the correct accessories such as triangles, rests and cue extensions.

I have bought a few snooker tables in my time and it is horrible if you make the wrong choice. If you want a full size snooker table that will last for years then it is well worth paying a bit of money for it. It can be expensive but it's great when you start playing on it. Often on a more expensive table the cushions and the cloth are much better than on a cheaper table. The cushions and the cloth on a snooker table are massively important. Every accomplished snooker player uses safety shots. If you are in a difficult situation, such as if you are snookered, then it is important that the cushions are in good shape so that your cue ball will bounce of them at the correct angle. If the cushions are of poor quality it will make the safety game very difficult to beat. The table cloth is a vital part of the table. If this is not flat and smooth you could find that your cue ball could be re-directed by lumps in the cloth. It can improve your ability significantly by playing on the higher quality table.

Therefore, the three main factors to remember when it comes to buying a snooker table are size, quality and accessories. Make sure you get the best suited table for you and you will see your game vastly improve. Follow this advice and you should have few problems when it comes to picking the correct table. After that just have fun playing!

EzineArticle by Andrew S Hood

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