The Most Controversial & Aggressive Snooker Match Ever

December 1, 2017
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Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Alain Robidoux - 1996 Embassy World Championship.

Ronnie O'Sullivan destroys Alain Robidoux's ego as he decides not to concede the frame despite no chance of winning. Robidoux was just pissed that Ronnie could beat him left-handed. He also refused to shake Ronnie's hand before the match and Ronnie did the same at the end of it.

This was definitely the most controversial, unprofessional, dramatic, tense and aggressive snooker moment.

The 20-year-old Ronnie O'Sullivan decided to play several shots with his left hand which pissed Alain Robidoux off and therefore Alain decides not to concede despite being way behind with no chance of winning.

At the end of the match, in which O'Sullivan produced two century breaks, Robidoux did not shake hands. "He started it. He didn't shake hands with me at the start, so I did the same to him" he explained.

The feud continued when O'Sullivan then savaged Robidoux in a radio interview. "He was rubbish - he shouldn't have been on the same table as me. I was rubbish as well, but I still beat him 10-3" said O'Sullivan.

When asked why he had played left-handed, O'Sullivan added:
"I felt comfortable playing left-handed. I've made 90-breaks with my left-hand - I'm better with my left hand than he was with his right. Anyway, the crowd enjoyed it and that's the main thing."

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