Why Is Pool More Popular Than Snooker?

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Explore the reasons why pool is more popular than snooker with Insights into factors such as accessibility, difficulty and marketing.

Pool and snooker are two most popular cue sports played around the world. While both games share many similarities, such as the use of a cue stick and the goal of pocketing balls, pool has a significantly larger following than snooker.

The reasons for this can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the accessibility of pool, the difference in skill level required, and the marketing and media presence of the game.


The popularity of pool is influenced by the prevalence of pool clubs and bars. These establishments have emerged in many locations worldwide and have proven to be profitable ventures for entrepreneurs.

Most pool halls have tables available for use by anyone who wants to play. In contrast, snooker tables are typically found in more specialized venues, such as snooker clubs or dedicated snooker halls.

Additionally, pool tables are more commonly found in bars and pubs, which means that people are more likely to encounter them in their day-to-day lives.

People frequent these places because they offer a fun and social activity. It’s worth noting that pool was originally a betting game, hence its name, as players and gamblers would “pool” their money on the table.

This accessibility has contributed to the widespread popularity of pool, as people of all ages and skill levels can easily try their hand at the game.


Playing snooker requires patience and strategic planning as a single frame can last up to an hour on a larger table compared to pool. Break building is challenging due to the table’s size and smaller pockets, and requires expertise in positioning the cue ball for the next shot.

In contrast, pool tables are smaller with larger pockets. The game has a faster pace and less strict rules, and does not require special devices like the spider to reach far shots. Instead of scoring, the objective is to pot the black ball before your opponent to win the game.

In a casual and non-competitive setting, it’s understandable why pool has surpassed snooker in popularity. Snooker requires significantly more time to play than pool, as two skilled pool players can finish a game in just 5-10 minutes. In contrast, playing a game of snooker takes much longer.

In terms of excitement, pool has an advantage due to its shorter duration, making it more enjoyable for players and fans. Also, pool’s fast pace and quick games make it a thrilling spectator sport.


Another reason why pool is more popular than snooker is that it is generally considered to be an easier game to learn. While both games require a certain level of skill and strategy, pool is generally considered to be more straightforward.

Pool is played with fewer balls and the pockets are larger, making it easier to pocket a ball. Additionally, the rules of pool are simpler than those of snooker, making it easier for beginners to understand the game.

This ease of learning has made pool a popular choice for casual players, while snooker is often seen as a more serious game for experienced players.


Finally, the marketing and media presence of pool has contributed to its popularity. Pool is often featured in movies and TV shows, which has helped to increase its exposure and attract new players.

Additionally, pool tournaments and competitions are often broadcast on television, which has helped to establish the game as a legitimate sport. In contrast, snooker has received less media attention, which has made it harder for the game to reach a wider audience.

Pool and snooker both have their similarities and differences. However, it’s evident why pool has become more popular due to its accessibility, ease and marketing.

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